Bitcoin Halving Block Hits High Fees of $2.4 Million

Key Points:

  • Bitcoin halving block 840,000 sees a surge in rune minting, boosting block revenue to 21.74 BTC.
  • Users spend 37.67 BTC ($2.4 million) in fees on block 840,000, making it Bitcoin’s most valuable digital real estate.
  • Anticipation for the Runes protocol drives increased Ordinal inscriptions, setting record fees on Bitcoin and hinting at a new era in token creation.
Following the completion of Bitcoin halving block 840,000, a surge in rune minting has catapulted the average revenue per block to 21.74 BTC over 15 subsequent blocks.
Bitcoin Halving Block Hits High Fees of $2.4 MillionBitcoin Halving Block Hits High Fees of $2.4 Million

Bitcoin Halving Block Fee Surges in Rune Minting Elevates Revenue

OKLink reports that within this span, the average transaction fee reward per block soared to an impressive 18.62 BTC.

Bitcoin halving block was a digital hotspot, witnessing a remarkable 37.67 BTC, equivalent to $2.4 million, spent on fees, making it Bitcoin’s most coveted real estate in history. Data from Bitcoin block explorer reveals that Bitcoin miner ViaBTC pocketed a staggering 40.7 BTC, valued at $2.6 million, including both the miner subsidy and fees.

Bitcoin Halving Block Hits High Fees of $2.4 MillionBitcoin Halving Block Hits High Fees of $2.4 Million

Bitcoin fees have also eclipsed those on Ethereum for four consecutive days. This surge in fees is attributed to heightened anticipation surrounding the Runes protocol and Bitcoin halving.

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Runes Protocol Anticipation Sparks Record Fees and Token Creation Frenzy

The excitement around Runes has led to a surge in Ordinal inscriptions over the past fortnight. Runes, a novel protocol, promises a more efficient method for creating fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network compared to the existing BRC-20 token standard.

Much of the frenzy surrounding Rune minting emanates from Bitcoin Ordinals creator Casey Rodmarmor’s recent launch of the Runes Protocol, coinciding with the halving.

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