Bitcoin Core developer calls out NFT auction for using his credentials

  • Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has called out the organizers of a recent NFT auction for using his name. 
  • Dashjr’s name and code was reportedly used without his consent to solicit more than $9500 from an NFT buyer.

Luke Dashjr, a core developer for Bitcoin [BTC], took to Twitter to share his concerns about Non-Fungible Tokens [NFT] that were being sold using his name. The incident involved a picture of the core developer’s code, which was presented to the public as an NFT at an auction. The code fetched 0.41 BTC ($9500). 

Luke Dashjr’s name and code used without consent

According to the Twitter thread, the organizers of the third-party auction used the Bitcoin Core developer’s name and code without his consent or knowledge. Dashjr accused the organizers of misleading the public and creating confusion in the market, citing the fact that the winner of the auction had personally contacted him. 

Luke Dashjr clarified that the organizer had contacted him to offer 90% of the proceeds of the auction, with a 10% cut as auction fees. However, the Bitcoin Core developer refused to accept the payment, claiming that it was an attempt to bribe him into silence after the auction had already taken place. He further asked the organizer to refund 100% of the amount to the buyer. 

Dashjr revealed that this wasn’t the first time that his name was used for such purposes. According to him, other Bitcoin developers have also faced similar situations. 

Through his tweet, while bringing awareness to the situation, he said:

“I do not consent to the use of my name or code for this grift. I want the public to be aware of where I stand.. I want to do whatever I can do to limit the damage which will inevitably be caused by this confusing and misleading behavior.