XRPL & Xumm Developer Activity Gains Momentum

It comes on the back of recent development feats.

Senior XRPL and Xumm developer Wietse Wind has disclosed that XRPL and Xumm developer activity has gathered momentum in the past year.

Wind made this known in a tweet yesterday. According to the developer, the only library XRPL Labs publishes that is not picking up pace is the signing library “xrpl-accountlib,” noting that this is because Xumm is doing more of the signing. 

The shared chart showed a staggering 811 weekly downloads compared to a previous 99 weekly downloads.

Meanwhile, the increasing XRP Ledger development activity is unsurprising, as developers have released several new features recently, with proposals and plans for more.

For Xumm, the go-to wallet for XRP Ledger assets, developers are pushing the envelope, slowly turning it into the everything XRP app. Recall that developers in December announced plans to launch the “Buy & Sell XRP” xApp, a web app embedded in the Xumm wallet to allow users to purchase XRP for fiat and vice versa. 

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This app appears to have launched silently, as it is now available in the Xumm wallet. There are only three providers for now:

  • Xumm, which touts the best rates and is available to Xumm Pro users in the Netherlands and the UK 
  • BTC Direct, covering the European Union 
  • Banxa, covering most countries.

In addition, developers launched an opt-in profiles feature. As reported, it is currently only available in beta mode for Xumm Pro users, allowing them to link their wallet addresses to a verifiable identity to enable less error-prone transactions similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) but preventing impersonation.

Furthermore, at the beginning of this week, Wind let slip that developers are also working on a QR payments feature to allow users to make crypto payments at retail stores. At the same time, XRPL Labs is also working on Xumm version 2.4.0, which will introduce native XLS-20 functionality.

For the XRP Ledger, last week, developers introduced XLS-34d and XLS-35d. The first will allow issued tokens on the XRP Ledger to leverage negotiable payment features like escrow and payment channels. Notably, these features are currently restricted to XRP. XLS-35d, on the other hand, will introduce a more straightforward NFT standard for the XRP Ledger. 

In addition, developers are also working on a Hooks sidechain, as revealed by Wind this week.

Per statements from Wind, over 100 developers are working on the XRP Ledger.

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