This Is Why SHIB Might Fall Prey To The Bears Again!

The sensational dog-inspired meme coin is back to the battleground, as the platform greets the adoptions flocking in. While the troops have been seeking more to join the pack. Traders and holders are keen on the price projections of the Doge-killer. Meanwhile, the crypto protagonist sheds light on the price movements of the digital coin. 

The team behind the Doge-killer has unveiled the teaser of the video clip. Which has amassed curiosity amongst the community. Heretofore, the project lead had given hints over exciting news for the SHIB army by the week. Netizens are optimistic of the incoming month of December to be a month to remember.

SHIB’s Growing Stardom!    

Shiba Inu has been attracting adoptions by swift strides, despite the odds. Consecutively, the candidate of the North Carolina Senate “Shannon Bray” is willing to accept SHIB as a contribution to his campaign. However, he is looking into the legality of the idea with the Federal Election Committee (FEC). Shannon Bray has also been raising SHIB for homeless veterans. 

Enthusiasts from the business have been waiting for the listing of SHIB on Kraken. As the platform had earlier mentioned that it will list SHIB if it gets 2,000 likes on the tweet. Which has risen leaps and bounds ahead of the target. Hopefully,  it might be under active consideration of the exchange platform. 

The makers of the sensational meme coin have published a 16-second teaser of a video clip. That shows lighting that reminds us of a studio, with music running in the background. The visuals of the lighting make way for a dark screen, with the letters “WV” along with the iconic images of SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. 

The troops have been trying to decipher the teaser. Heretofore, the project lead had given hints over exciting news for the SHIB army by the week. Which CoinPedia had earlier reported.

Will SHIB’s Price Climb The Crest By The End Of 2021?

SHIB Price at press time is trading at $0.00004010 with gains of 2.0%. While the market cap of the meme coin is at $22,023,741,908. The trade volume around the clock is at $4,038,211,217. The meme coin has been trading along with the bandwidth from $0.00003640 to $0.00004264.

The crypto analyst cites that the digital asset is closer to the support levels. He further mentions that the meme coin has previously retested from its support to higher spikes. The analyst is interested at levels around $0.000030.

Collectively, the community is optimistic about SHIB surging to attain the three zeroes milepost by the end of the year. Carrying forward to $0.001 in 2022, and the 1 cent target by the end of 2022. Hopefully, The meme coin receives massive impetus from the bulls for the start of another bullish move. 


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