Single Wallet Burns 25M+ Terra Classic, 40M Gone in 24 Hours

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40M+ LUNC tokens were cumulatively burned in the past 24 hours, as a single wallet accounted for 25M+ of the incinerated tokens.

The Terra Classic (LUNC) burn initiative is going on nicely. The network witnessed 14 burn transactions in the past 24 hours, amounting to 40,440,467 LUNC tokens, with a single wallet incinerating up to 25,827,385 tokens in one burn transaction.

All 14 transactions were recently indexed by LUNC Pengiuns – an unofficial Terra-focused surveillance and data-tracking system developed by Happy Catty Crypto. The transactions, which amounted to 40.4M+ LUNC, were all carried out on Monday, with three massive single burns standing out.

One of the significant burn transactions occurred on November 28, 21:22 (UTC), and accounted for 25.8M LUNC tokens. The memo on the transaction reads Allnodes Burn, which suggests that the burn was carried out by the independent Terra validator Allnodes, as it preserves in its commitment to weekly LUNC incinerations.


Allnodes also officially disclosed the information on its Twitter handle a minute after the burn occurred. Allnodes had promised to engage in a weekly burn campaign to assist the community on the initiative, as reported last month. Notwithstanding, the validator noted that its weekly burn exercise would halt by year-end.


The second and earliest noteworthy burn transaction involved the incineration of 4.9M LUNC on November 28, 2:29 (UTC). With the memo LUNC-DAO-BURN-37, the transaction appears to have been carried out by another independent Terra validator, LUNC DAO, marking the validator’s 37th burn transaction in support of the revival initiative.

Terra Casino

The third significant transaction, which saw the burn of 8.9M LUNC was carried out on November 28, 18:13 (UTC). The burn transaction is associated with the recently-launched Terra-hosted gambling platform Terra Casino. Memo on the transaction reads BettingBurn1, with Terra Casino officially claiming responsibility through its Twitter handle.

Recall that the betting platform officially incinerated its first 1M LUNC last Saturday following its controversial launch, as recently highlighted by The Crypto Basic. Independent LUNC development group TerraCVita previously claimed that the platform could burn up to 24B LUNC in 6 months. So far, Terra Casino has burnt 10.8M, which it called a “warming up” figure. 


Following the incineration of 40M+ LUNC yesterday, the total cumulative burn amount currently sits at 28.7B LUNC with tax burns included. Binance tops the list of entities with the largest burns, contributing to the incineration of 13.7B LUNC tokens. Last month, Binance changed its burn timeline from weekly to monthly. Consequently, the community is awaiting its next burn on December 1, with official updates coming up on December 2.


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