Cardano Wallet Adds Support for Milkomeda

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Alex Dovbnya

Cardano-based wallet provider Flint has unveiled its eagerly awaited version 2.0 upgrade

FlintWallet, a feature-rich Cardano-based wallet, has released its 2.0 version in a major advancement for its platform.

In this new update, FlintWallet now introduces support for Milkomeda C1 tokens as part of its mission towards becoming a fully-fledged digital wallet that is compatible with any blockchain network.

Commenting on this development, Sebastien Guillemot, CTO of dcSpark, commented that Flint adding support for Milkomeda has marked yet another “huge step” for reaching interoperability for Cardano.

Upcoming features include smart contract support with wrapped smart contracts as gaming wallet support.

This move will no doubt be seen as an important leap toward realizing the vision of creating seamless interoperability between Cardano networks and other blockchains. 

Interoperability between different blockchains is the ability for systems from disparate networks to securely synchronize and/or interact with one another. Interoperability allows different digital assets, data sets, and transactions to communicate with one another, thus unlocking the true potential of distributed ledger technologies.

As of now, Flint supports sending and receiving assets on Cardano with Ethereum and Solana. 

It makes it possible to interact with decentralized applications and view non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without leaving one’s wallet.