Web3 game Forgotten Runiverse migrates to Ronin

Key Takeaways

  • Forgotten Runiverse is migrating from Arbitrum to Ronin, an EVM-based blockchain with 1.44M Daily Active Addresses.
  • The game’s launch includes a closed beta on July 31 and a Public Gameplay Event in August, featuring mintable gameplay rewards.

Web3-based MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse is migrating from Arbitrum to Ronin, as announced today. This development helps to solidify Ronin as the premier destination for Web3 games.

All game-centric NFT collections will migrate to Ronin, including Forgotten Runiverse Real Estate, Game Items, and Watcher’s Rings. The game will be available on the Epic Game Store later this year, with plans for mobile optimization.

“The Forgotten Runiverse team has dedicated over three years to crafting a full MMORPG built for mass-market adoption that’s free-to-play on mobile and computers,” commented Sky Mavis CEO and co-founder, Trung Nguyen. “The Forgotten Runiverse’s vision of building a game that enables the community to interact in meaningful ways through shared experiences, storytelling, and adventure resonates with the Ronin community.”

Forgotten Runiverse offers a collaborative experience where players form guilds, engage in PvE expeditions, and participate in combat against other players. The game allows players to shape the gameplay journey through contributed lore and in-game plot usage. Notably, the team behind the game includes veterans from Ubisoft and Blizzard.

“Ronin is the true pioneer in Web3 gaming and the home of real gamers, driving impact through its token utility, daily active users, and the ‘Ronin Effect.’ We’re very excited to have such a strong partner to bring Forgotten Runiverse to the market,” said Bisonic co-founder Kata.

The game’s launch will begin with a closed beta on July 31st, followed by a Public Gameplay Event in August. This pre-alpha event will allow players to mint and build on plots, offering mintable gameplay rewards.

According to the “State of the Dapp Industry Q2” report by DappRadar, blockchain gaming was responsible for the highest number of unique active wallets in the second quarter, representing 28% of the industry.

Moreover, Ronin was the blockchain with the most unique active wallets daily as of May. As also reported by DappRadar, 836,000 unique users interacted directly with Ronin every day.

Source: https://cryptobriefing.com/forgotten-runiverse-migration-ronin/