Web3 Artist Push Discusses NFTs, Culture SZN, and the Power of Love

Web3 Artist Push Discusses NFTs, Culture SZN, and the Power of Love

Culture SZN Wave 1 has sparked a surge of NFT art, mints, and connections within the web3 ecosystem, featuring artists like Crazy Gang, Mostafa Nassar, Wizards of Linea, Knights of Linea, Efrogs, and Push. This month-long event aims to connect collectors and creators while highlighting the diverse communities thriving on Linea.

Push’s Artistic Journey

Digital artist Push has been a notable participant, with over 650K mints for his work. Beginning his digital art journey in 2011, Push describes himself as an “everyday artist.” His commitment to creating one render every 24 hours since 2021 has significantly shaped his creativity and portfolio.

The NFT Revolution

Push’s exploration into NFTs began during the pandemic when the term started trending on social media. He saw NFTs as a means for digital art to gain the recognition it deserved, akin to physical art. This realization led him to delve deeper into the NFT space, transforming his approach to digital art.

Daily Render Challenge

In 2021, Push set a goal to create one render every day. This practice, he explains, was challenging but ultimately rewarding. “You just gotta keep pushing,” he says, emphasizing persistence through both good and bad days. This mantra has become a core part of his artistic identity.

Embracing Layer 2 Blockchains

Push discovered Linea through friends and has since embraced Layer 2 (L2) blockchains. He notes the difference in art sales between mainnet and L2s, observing that L2s focus more on selling multiple pieces at lower prices, contrasting with the high-value single-piece sales on mainnet.

Impact of Culture SZN

Push’s participation in Culture SZN has been significant, with his work securing over 500K mints. He aimed to create something meaningful, delivering messages of love and tenacity. His approach underscores the idea that NFTs can prove digital ownership of concepts, not just art pieces.

Community Reception

The reception to Push’s work has been overwhelmingly positive. He has discovered numerous talented artists and feels that Culture SZN is a powerful catalyst for empowering creators and communities. The love and recognition he has received affirm the butterfly effect he strives to create.

The Butterfly Effect

Push believes in the butterfly effect of spreading love. He views blockchain as a tool that empowers individuals, aligning with his vision of love’s transformative power. He sees himself as a vessel of pure, unconditional love, aiming to ignite a spark in others.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Push plans to continue creating as long as his creative spark remains. He has future drops and collections in mind that will include his daily art, encouraging followers to stay tuned for more.

Identity of Push

Push describes himself not as a person but as an idea and a bridge to a better future. He believes that anyone can embody the spirit of Push, emphasizing inclusivity and collective growth.

For more insights into Push’s work and Culture SZN, visit the [source name](https://linea.mirror.xyz/AVquOkBpQ8rj-yZtHpZYG8xXyL_Dv1lt0Zwc6aAbboo?collectors=true).

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