Circle’s Euro-Backed Stablecoin EURC to Launch on Base

Circle’s Euro-Backed Stablecoin EURC to Launch on Base

Circle, a leading global financial technology firm, has announced the upcoming launch of its euro-backed stablecoin, EURC, on the Base network. This marks the first euro-backed stablecoin to be introduced on the Base platform, aiming to facilitate faster and cheaper commerce for developers and global users, according to Circle.

Significance of EURC for the Base Ecosystem

The addition of EURC to the Base network is expected to significantly enhance the ecosystem. Circle’s EURC joins USDC, another stablecoin issued by Circle, which has already seen substantial adoption on Base with over $3 billion in circulation as of July 9, 2024. The euro, being the third largest fiat currency globally, represents a vast opportunity for growth within the digital asset economy.

Compliance with MiCA Regulation

Both EURC and USDC are the first stablecoins on Base from a global issuer that comply with the new Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation. This ensures that these digital currencies are regulated, fully reserved, and redeemable 1:1 for euros and dollars respectively, providing a secure and reliable means for transactions and savings.

Benefits and Use Cases

Circle highlights several benefits and use cases for integrating EURC and USDC into the Base network:

  • Regulated, fully reserved, and redeemable 1:1 for euros and dollars respectively
  • Institutional on/off-ramps via Circle Mint for qualified businesses
  • Easy integration into new and existing applications
  • Retail access to Coinbase’s global on- and off-ramp network

These features support a variety of applications, including near-instant cross-border payments for international remittances, peer-to-peer payments, and marketplace payouts at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Additionally, they provide 24/7 access to a robust DeFi ecosystem and offer a store of value for savings and FX to hedge against local currency inflation.

Developer Opportunities

Developers are encouraged to experiment with fund flows in their applications using testnet EURC or USDC on Base Sepolia. Circle provides a Testnet Faucet to facilitate this experimentation, enabling developers to integrate and test the new stablecoins within their projects.


The introduction of EURC on the Base network by Circle is a significant development for the digital asset economy, providing a euro-backed stablecoin that enhances the capabilities and reach of the Base ecosystem. This launch is expected to drive further innovation and adoption of digital currencies globally.

Image source: Shutterstock