Will Elon’s Pushback To OpenAI And Apple Deal Affect His Salary?

Apple is Back on Track With AI, But Elon is Not Happy About It

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, announced a variety of Generative AI products and services at a recent event at the company’s annual developer conference on June 10th, 2024. One of the specific upgrades of Siri includes an integration with Open AI’s ChatGPT. In this new integration, Siri will determine whether a query suits ChatGPT. It will then ask your permission before sending its request to the ChatGPT. Meanwhile, you can use chatGPT for free without an account.

At the company event, one of the executives demonstrated that Company AI could pick a word from an email and connect it to the matching phone contact. It also has the ability to summarize notification emails and texts, as reported by the Guardian. It can also summarize a group chat about trip planning in a single message, which conveys who booked a hotel and who is looking after the flights. Its new generation tool also allows users to create unique emoji reactions.

After the event, Elon Musk tweeted, “It’s patently absurd that Apple isn’t smart enough to make their own AI, yet is somehow capable of ensuring that OpenAI will protect your security & privacy! Apple has no clue what’s actually going on once they hand your data over to OpenAI. They’re selling you down the river.”

He also shared a post on the rabbit hole in which he had a conversation with the ChaGPT and asked whether it is ok to use the n-word to stop the apocalypse, and the answer was no. Elon Musk’s concern was that what if the AI trained in this way grows in power immensely? Recently, Open AI was also in the news because it used Scarlet Johnson’s voice without her consent.

Apple recently told CNBC that they will use their own AI, and its integration with the Open AI is optional. Meanwhile, Sam Altman also tweeted about the partnership with Apple and its integration with the devices a year later.

The Result of the Biggest Pay Package Anyone Has Ever Gotten Is On Thursday 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s massive pay package will be the center of attention at the next shareholders meeting on Thursday. One of the decisions that must be taken at the shareholder’s meeting is restoring the approved pay package with 73% approval.  As per CNBC, the vote will approve the 303 million split-adjusted stock options package, worth $46.9 billion as of Friday’s closing price. It was down from the high of $51 billion at the time of the decision.

Many analysts are stating his pay package will quickly be approved in the upcoming vote on Thursday. It will be one of the biggest Paypackgae any CEO has ever gotten in History if approved.


Tesla’s shareholder meeting is on Thursday, and the controversy with Apple can sway the results. Recently, Elon Musk invited one of Apple’s biggest shareholders, Warren Buffet, to invest in Tesla. It would be interesting to see how this whole controversy pans out.

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