Once Human defies mixed reviews to top Steam charts

Once Human defies mixed reviews to top Steam charts

Steam charts revealed that Once Human had become one of the top 20 most-played games in less than 24 hours. Despite mixed reviews, SteamDB’s data confirmed that there were over 120K simultaneous players as of this writing. The Once Human team expressed their satisfaction with the game’s quick success. However, the team received complaints about the NetEase Launcher and controller support, among other things.  

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The game’s popularity could be attributed to the prizes offered by the Once Human team for players who shared, retweeted, and commented on the game’s global release trailer. According to the OH team, two Wanderer merch items would still be given away regardless of the engagement achieved. 

Once Human receives constant updates 

The Once Human team confirmed through their X account that they were addressing privacy policy issues raised by players. The team also disclosed that they were working on solving the NetEase Launcher problem. According to the team, players who choose to play from Steam would not need to download the NetEase Launcher. 

In a series of statements released a day after launch, the OH team mentioned that controller support, character creation/deletion, and switching servers would all be fixed so that players could continue enjoying the game. The team first thanked players for the feedback before announcing that the multiple-character creation functionality had been fixed. 

“In response to user feedback, we have expedited the re-introduction of the multiple character creation feature. You are now able to create characters across all servers and embark on adventures alongside your companions.”

-The Once Human Team

According to the team, the decision to exclude multiple character creation during the launch was due to the poor playing experience. The team had scheduled the fix and updated the multiple character creation problem by August 1, but pressure from the players forced an early release.

Once Human gets a boost the development team

The OH development team released statements on Steam that it was expediting the re-introduction of various game features that were identified as having issues. The dev team affirmed that all Once Human accounts would be cross-platform, and players would be able to access their characters from any platform if they logged into their OH accounts. 

However, the team explained that cross-platform support would not be available for Steam accounts.   

“We will be adding more account options in the future to make it easier for you to play across platforms. For now, please choose your platform based on your personal preferences.”

The Once Human Team

The OH development team, however, asserted that players on different platforms would be able to play together since they all accessed the same servers. They also disclosed that each server hosted a single season of the game with a single scenario and different rules. Each scenario diversified player experiences by offering different environments and stories.

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