Justin Sun Embarks on Major Ethereum Accumulation, Buys $5 Million Worth of ETH

  • Renowned blockchain entrepreneur and TRON founder Justin Sun has initiated significant purchases of Ethereum (ETH).
  • According to on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain, Sun recently began aggressively acquiring Ethereum once more.
  • Recent data indicate that Sun invested $5 million to purchase 1,614 ETH, with an average acquisition cost of $3,097 per ETH.

Dive into the latest crypto market maneuvers as Justin Sun makes waves with substantial Ethereum acquisitions amidst speculation of further investment moves.

Justin Sun’s Strategic Ethereum Acquisitions

Justin Sun, the visionary founder of TRON, has been making headlines with his recent substantial investments in Ethereum. Leveraging insights from on-chain analytics, Lookonchain has revealed that Sun has resumed his Ethereum accumulation strategy. As per the latest metrics, Sun allocated $5 million to acquire 1,614 ETH, averaging an entry price of $3,097 per ETH.

Potential for Further Investments: The Binance Connection

Spot On Chain, another reputable analytical platform, highlighted that Sun recently transferred $45 million Tether (USDT) to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This movement has spurred speculation among analysts that Sun may be preparing for additional significant purchases, potentially marking a pivotal expansion of his Ethereum holdings.

A Year of Aggressive Investments: Over $1 Billion in Ethereum

Since the early part of the year, Justin Sun has been aggressively investing in Ethereum. On-chain data indicates that from February 8 onward, he has utilized three distinct wallets to amass 362,751 ETH, worth approximately $1.1 billion, at an average cost of $3,047 per ETH. This investment strategy solidifies his position as a prominent figure in the crypto investment landscape.

Previous Ethereum Liquidations and Current Market Sentiments

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Interestingly, Justin Sun’s recent acquisition spree follows a period where he offloaded significant amounts of Ethereum. Last month, Sun executed transactions amounting to tens of millions in Ethereum sales. Moreover, he initiated a withdrawal request for $28.8 million worth of staked Ethereum (stETH) from Lido Finance. This shift in strategy from selling to buying has revitalized investor confidence, suggesting a bullish outlook on Ethereum’s future performance.


Justin Sun’s strategic maneuvers within the Ethereum market highlight his adeptness at capitalizing on market dynamics. With substantial investments and a keen sense of market timing, Sun’s actions are closely watched by the crypto community. As Ethereum continues to show resilience and potential for growth, Sun’s investment activities are likely to influence market sentiment and investment strategies in the broader crypto space.

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Source: https://en.coinotag.com/justin-sun-embarks-on-major-ethereum-accumulation-buys-5-million-worth-of-eth/