Ethereum Based Superstar Rollblock Poised To Hit $10 While Altcoins Like SEI and Optimism (OP) Continue To Struggle

The crypto market has been extremely turbulent in 2024. Due to growing bearish pressure, several top altcoins from earlier this year, such as SEI and Optimism (OP), are struggling to break out of their extended bearish trend and continue to underperform compared to past performance.

But while many former top altcoins experience a slump, Rollblock (RBLK) looks set for a huge upward explosion in price over the coming months.  Rollblock is a fully-fledged online Casino based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its own RLBK tokens as the primary medium of exchange for players. RBLK’s price is gearing up for what many experts predict could be a 50x price in the near future and could present a much more lucrative opportunity when compared to older projects like SEI and Optimism.

Sei Price Sees 50% Drawdown In A Single Month

Despite having been considered one of the top altcoins to watch going into 2024, SEI’s price has been experiencing some difficulty over the past weeks. The L1 blockchain has been struggling to boost its adoption amongst increasingly competitive Layer 1 blockchain wars, as well as generally volatile macro market conditions. 

Some SEI price predictions remain hopeful in their outlook, with a segment of speculators calling for price to eventually surpass the current all-time high of $1.10. This would represent almost exactly a 4x from the current SEI price. A lot will depend on whether SEI manages to attract developers, app-builders and innovators over to its blockchain ecosystem and how much attention and market share it can claim over the coming months.

Optimism (Op) Experiences Summer Price Slump

As a popular layer 2 rollup, Optimism (OP) was once touted as one of the top altcoins to watch and invest in. But despite its innovative blockchain scaling technology, Optimism has seen a 60% decline since reaching the all time high of $4.80 in March this year and currently sits at the same price of $1.40 as when the token was originally launched two years ago.

While Optimism’s price may recover when the markets eventually experience their next run up in this cycle, it remains unclear whether OP price will have enough upward momentum to be considered a worthwhile investment. As a result, many Optimism investors are choosing to diversify to increase their potential returns. 

Rollblock (Rblk) Set To Dominate GambleFi 

Rollblock (RBLK) has quickly become a massive hit in the presale market. Currently in stage 3 of its presale, Rollblock has already raised $1 Million in presale funds and attracted over 4,000 registered users.

$RBLK could easily be one of the best altcoins to buy in Q3 of 2024. It completely overhauls the traditional gambling market, using blockchain technology to offer a comprehensive and secure player experience. Blockchain technology ensures that transactions are immutable and bets can’t be altered once placed. This has made Rollblock a huge hit amongst the gambling community. 

Another key feature of Rollblock is its income opportunities. Aside from offering over 150 games, Rollblock lets RBLK holders earn a share in its daily revenue. The platform will allocate up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buying back $RBLK from the open market. Half of these tokens will be used for rewards and the remaining half will be burned out of circulation. By burning tokens, Rollblock creates scarcity, driving up token value in the process. 

In upcoming months Rollblock has several developments in place, including the introduction of sports betting for its casino. This major development is expected to attract thousands of new investors to its ecosystem, further driving up the price of $RBLK.

$RBLK tokens have seen two price increases over the last two weeks, and $RBLK is now trading at $0.0154. According to experts, early investors could see an 800% increase on their initial investments before the Rollblock presale ends, followed by an additional 100x rally once Rollblock launches on major exchanges. Having already gained massive momentum, experts believe now is the perfect time to get involved in Rollblock before its price soars in Q3!

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