Ethereum and Solana Statement from Bitwise! “The LEFT Has No Chance!”

Ethereum and Solana Statement from Bitwise! “The LEFT Has No Chance!”

While the SEC is expected to approve S-1 applications for Spot Ethereum ETFs to begin trading, July 15 and 18 are shown as the most likely dates for this approval.

Although it is difficult to determine an exact date, Katherine Dowling, CLO of Bitwise, whose ETH ETF has been approved, said that it is only a matter of time before spot Ethereum ETFs are approved.

Stating that the ETH ETF approval process has now come to an end, Katherine Dowling also explained her views on ETH.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Katherine Dowling stated that she did not agree with the views that Ethereum is an asset that is more difficult to sell than Bitcoin, and argued that ETH has a different market structure than BTC.

“We are only six months behind compared to Bitcoin ETFs and approaching the launch of spot ETH ETFs.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said the launch would be in the summer; Everyone has different definitions of summer…

However, we see fewer issues being returned in S-1 amendments. “This indicates that we are approaching the finish line of the process and the approval will come very soon.”

Competition is Good!

Bitwise manager stated that it is great for investors to have multiple issuers get approval from the SEC at the same time and stated that Bitwise stands out as a cryptocurrency market expert.

Finally, Dowling said that the launch of spot ETF products opens a new investment window and the market will attract a lot of new investments.

No Hope for Solana ETF for Now!

Dowling, who also commented on Solana ETF applications, spoke negatively about SOL.

He stated that the SEC, led by Gary Gensler, would not give ETF approval for altcoins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, and that he was not hopeful for the Solana ETF.

*This is not investment advice.

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