Wednesday, September 28. Russia’s War On Ukraine: News And Information

Dispatches from Ukraine. Wednesday, September 28. Day 217.

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues and the war rages on, reliable sources of information are critical. Forbes gathers information and provides updates on the situation.

By Polina Rasskazova

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the preparation of an eighth package of sanctions to be levied against Russia. Among the key points offered in the new package are new import bans on Russian products in the amount of 7 billion euros, additional bans on the provision of European services, and the prohibition of EU nationals to sit on the governing bodies of Russian state-owned companies.

In addition, the new sanctions will establish a framework for capping oil prices. “This cap will help reduce Russia’s revenues and keep global energy markets stable.” von der Leyen wrote on her Twitter page.

Russia forcibly removed 80% of the people from the de-occupied town of Lyptsi in the Kharkiv region, according to the regional prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. Against the will of the locals, Russian soldiers forcibly separated adults from their children and took both groups to the territory of the Russian Federation under the pretext of creating safe living conditions.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the international community to respond decisively to Russia’s violation of international law during a video conference of the UN Security Council.

Zelenskyy emphasized that among the violations committed by Russia are ignoring the IAEA’s call for the immediate de-occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, nuclear blackmail, the announcement of mobilization which is the first to involve representatives of indigenous peoples, and the holding of a so-called referendum on the occupied territory of Ukraine.

“A state that is implementing a policy of genocide right now, keeping the world one step away from a radiation disaster, and at the same time threatening nuclear strikes cannot remain a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto power,” Zelenskyy said. “Russia must be excluded from all international organizations.” In addition, he believes new, tough global sanctions against the Russian Federation are needed.

Dnipropetrovsk Region. The Russian army attacked Nikopol three times during the night. In the city, more than 10 high-rise and private buildings, a school, a traffic stop, gas furnaces and 6 power lines were damaged.

Russian shells left almost 8,000 families in Nikopol without electricity, reported Valentyn Reznichenko, the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. “In the Marganets community, the consequences of the attack are being clarified. No one was injured.”

Kharkiv region. During the day, Russian troops continued to strike the Kupyansk, Izium, Kharkiv and Bohodukhiv districts of the region.

The populated areas of Kupyansk district suffered the most from shelling. According to the information of the Regional Center of Emergency Medical Assistance, five people were hospitalized with injuries in the Kupyansk district and a 16-year-old girl was injured in the Bohoduhiv district. Doctors assess her condition as serious.

“During the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service defused 1,547 explosive objects in the Kharkiv region,” reported Oleg Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.