UAE Preparing to Launch Its Own Metaverse Space: The Sandbox Reports

  • Dubai is preparing to launch its self-owned Metaverse. 
  • The Sandbox will be the official partner of Dubai in developing its self-owned Metaverse.  

The Sandbox is widely popular globally for its impactable work in improving Web3 and Metaverse sectors. The firm is a subordinate company of Animoca Brand, which is based in Hong Kong; Mathieu Nouzareth heads the firm and is the current chief Executive officer of the company. 

The Sandbox informed that the UAE government is planning to adopt Web3.0 technology. 

On Wednesday, the Senior Vice-President of The Sandbox’s global partnership, Bertrand Levy, attended a one-day event on Meta vision organized by Khaleej Times. While talking to the media, Levy noted, “We are a global brand with around 350 offices and have seen that luxury brands were among first to make their presence in the Metaverse. The key to success in Web3.0 is all about what experiences you are trying to create. Web3.0 will open opportunities for creators and creativity.”

The ‘Dubaiverse’ powered and developed by The Sandbox will be launched with the help of local media outlets with a UAE media group. The Animoca brand Dubai-themed metaverse will reflect the Hong Kong’ Mega City’ of Sandbox, a gaming metaverse and virtual tradition based in the Asian economic hub of Hong Kong. 

Dubaiverse will be created by consulting and partnering with local firms and other sectors of UAE, including Real Estate, Film, Music, Acting, Finance, Entertainment, and Gaming. 

Bertrand Levy highlighted, “We are busy developing Dubaiverse and closely interacting with some other stakeholders.” 

The master plan of Dubai Metaverse is to make Dubai among the top 10 metaverse economies and a global hub for the metaverse community. The Metaverse secured 200 strategic partnerships with The Sandbox, which include launching Warner Music Group as a music-themed virtual world in the Metaverse.   

Metaverse is a widely popular industry. It is gaining huge popularity in the current era because of its amazing features, which offer users a different experience compared to traditional reality.