There Is Nothing On TV Like The Netflix Doc ‘Gunther’s Millions’

Where to begin…the twisted story that unravels in the Netflix series Gunther’s Millions is like nothing on television. There are so many layers to this tale, and to avoid spoiling it for you, here’s a brief description of the life of the wealthiest dog in the world.

The lucky canine inherited $400 million from a mysterious Countess. His life is detailed in the four-part investigative documentary, which premieres on February 1, but the story isn’t just about Gunther VI, a multi-millionaire German Shepherd. It’s also centered around his wild, eccentric, and at times absurd “staff” of humans.

Gunther lives in the lap of luxury crisscrossing the globe living in an Italian villa and Madonna’s former Miami mansion. The last time we see him, his handlers are buying an island in the Bahamas.

He has a private chef who cooks the most extravagant meals for him; gold-flaked steaks are a regular indulgence for Gunther. He travels on private planes to his various mansions and villas. He truly lives in the lap of luxury at all times, as all dogs deserve.

The story behind how he got his millions is twisted and involves one of the biggest tax fraud schemes ever reported. It’s a pretty scandalous tale, indeed! But the story doesn’t stop with the money trail; he is surrounded by the wackiest and absolutely entertaining entourage of spokesmodels, entertainers, and “scientists.” He also has his own publicity and legal teams.

There is a long-told legend behind Gunther and his vast fortune that dates back decades and involves a mysterious Countess whose son died tragically. She loved Gunther’s great-grandfather so much that she ensured his bloodline went on. Since she supposedly had no heirs to leave what is thought to be hundreds of millions of dollars, she left all of her assets to her beloved dog and those in his bloodline.

There have been dozens bred from the original Gunther, and for dog lovers, though this doc is lighthearted and those involved can now laugh at themselves, there is one part that is hard to watch but hang in there because all turns out well. As a lifelong animal lover, I assure you this doc series is an homage to dogs and animals.

Back to the legend behind the wealthiest dog in the world, the Countess lost her husband and son. So it is believed she bequeathed her considerable fortune to her beloved dog, Gunther, who was then placed in the care of her son’s close friend, an Italian pharmaceutical heir and aspiring impresario named Maurizio Mian.

It has been 30 years, and Mian has since built an empire on behalf of his canine boss. He has spent a lot of money on glamorous real estate purchases. One that made headlines was the $7.5 million Miami mansion “Gunther” bought with cash from Madonna. Gunther is a business-savvy canine, and the waterfront mansion went back on the market with a $31.75 million listing before it sold for $29 million.

Mian also conducted controversial and bizarre social experiments that involved hiring groups of beautiful people and having them live together. The cult-like entourage engaged in orgies and had wild, drug-fueled parties. The studies, he now claims, were aimed at finding the true meaning of happiness and a cure for depression.

Gunther’s Millions comes from executive producers Aurelien Leturgie and Emilie Dumay. They followed Mian and his team all over the world in search of answers, and they were able to gain access to never-before-seen archival material. The intimate interviews they conducted were shocking, and getting to the truth was no easy feat. This one is an absolute must-binge.