The Future of XRP, Aptos & BudBlockz: 2023 Price Prediction

The crypto sector has been on a free fall since peaking late last year. Double-digit percentage corrections from all-time highs have been the order, with some projects going under. As the year comes to a close, fear remains a central theme in the wake of the FTT token collapse months after Terra Stablecoin’s implosion. 

Amid the rollercoaster, analysts believe 2023 could see a change of fortunes for some projects such as XRP and Aptos. In addition, BudBlockz, a soon to be launched platform and ecosystem, has joined them in showing tremendous potential over the upcoming year and beyond.

Aptos Growing dApp Prospects

Aptos remains well positioned to bounce back after coming under pressure in recent weeks, as investors and the overall market come to terms with its numerous advantages. Like Ethereum, Aptos has carved a niche as the go-to platform for developing high-quality decentralized applications (dApps)

Its blockchain is much cheaper, faster and more efficient, making it a perfect fit for investors eyeing exposure around the development of dApps. Experts believe Aptos is well positioned to bounce back as adverse sentiments in the broader crypto market fade away.

Ripple Financial Services Opportunity

Ripple is another cryptocurrency that has come under immense pressure owing to regulatory concerns and the broader market selloff. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it did not reach the highs of $3.40 recorded in 2018 at the height of the crypto boom last year.

While Ripple’s (XRP) value has now dropped to lows of below $0.50, there is a significant room for growth heading into 2023. Unlike most projects, XRP has already gone mainstream, with its popular mainnet used to process financial transactions.

The inking of strategic partnerships with big final institutions and offering on-demand liquidity to Asian companies such as I-Remit affirms its long-term prospects. Additionally, regulatory pressures that have affected XRP sentiments are slowly waning, which should offer some support for the XRP token.

BudBlockz Growth Potential

BudBlockz, on the other hand, is a revolutionary project with lots of room for growth in 2023 as it moves to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and cannabis. The unveiling of the first-of-its-kind blockchain-powered ecommerce platform for the cannabis sector has set BudBlockz on a trajectory for solid growth in 2023.

The platform will support and enhance the decentralized buying and selling of cannabis products, and the BudBlockz platform is highly likely to benefit from the growth of the multibillion cannabis market. This is a sector predicted to be worth over $176 billion within a decade. As more countries legalize cannabis and its products, there is a growing need for platforms that bring farms, dispensaries and manufacturers together to do business.

BudBlockz is a project that addresses the needs of the cannabis sector and enjoys the fast-mover advantage on its path to growth. Strong demand for the ecosystem’s native token BLUNT at the sold out private sale and fast-selling presale underscores the positive reception from the investment community.

Additionally, BudBlockz has positioned itself for growth by eyeing opportunities around Non-fungible tokens with its premier collection of Ganja Guruz, a collection of 10,000 NFTs. It has also moved to transform the gaming industry with a unique play-to-earn gaming platform that rewards top gamers for playing their favourite games with BLUNT. It’s also big in decentralized finance with BudSwap, its unique platform that enables the swapping of cryptocurrencies.

Bottom line

Sentiments around cryptocurrencies is at an all-time low after the collapse of the FTT token and Terra Stablecoin. However, things are expected to change in 2023, given the growing need and use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in the mainstream sector. XRP, Aptos and BudBlockz are projects that are definitely worth paying attention to as the sector bottoms out.

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