Tesla’s Achievements Were Admired By Charlie Munger

Popular automakers such as Ford and Honda have been racing in the automobile sector for several years. But a great company, which was introduced by two engineers in 2003, stood out from the mix. In 2012, the Model S by Elon Musk and Tesla had gained tremendous popularity across the world. Currently, the market capitalization of Tesla is nearly $840 billion (USD).

Tesla will remain the world’s most valuable automaker and will remain an inspiration to talented engineers who want to create innovative things like Tesla. It was not an overnight success for Tesla. It is an entity that designs electric vehicles, energy storage batteries, and solar grid panels.

The main motto of Tesla is to create more sustainable transport and energy that is obtained through electric vehicles and solar power. “Electric vehicles can be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars.”

Within one month, Tesla crossed all-time sales records in September 2014, when the company sold more than 2,500 cars. In 2015, it again created a record by selling 10,030 cars within one month. In 2021, it experienced the highest worldwide sales of 21 % battery electric vehicles and 14% plug-in electric vehicles.

Recently Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, praised Elon Musk’s efforts towards Tesla’s growth. Munger stated that if Tesla had not occurred in the country other automobile industries would not have been able to make such a significant contribution as Tesla. He said that Tesla was an amazing event that happened in the US automobile industry.

Charlie stated that “We haven’t had a successful new auto company in a long, long time. “What Tesla has done in the car business is a minor miracle.” He further added, “I do not equate Tesla with bitcoin. Tesla has made some real contributions to this civilization. Elon Musk has done some good things that others couldn’t do.” And Musk reacted to Munger by tweeting, “Mr.Munger’s words are much appreciated.”

Tesla’s Most Recent Achievements

Green NCAP recently awarded Tesla’s “Model 3” five stars. Green NCAP was initiated to promote the development of cars that are clean, energy-efficient, and not harmful to the environment. So it developed a star rating and index system that allows cars’ environments to be easily compared.

In September 2022, the Tesla Model Y created records in Europe by registering 29,367 cars within one month. According to the reports, Model Y was the best-selling vehicle in Germany and second best selling vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Recently, Tesla Solar introduced an innovative solar power wall that can power the house and reduce the houses’s dependence on the grid. Even if the grid goes down, the powerwall ensures power security for the customers. And the price of the power wall was too low to buy.

Elon Musk Rehired Two More Employees On Twitter

Recently, the Twitter CEO removed 50% of its workforce from the platform. As the platform was facing $4 million per day Musk removed some of his employees.

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