‘Spider-Man’ And ‘Jaws’ Plunge As ‘Elvis’ Tops $150 Million

In holdover news for Friday, well, nothing ‘old’ earned more than $1 million. Sony’s Bullet Train earned another $865,000 (-22%) on its sixth Friday to pass $90 million domestic. We can expect a $3.1 million (-46%) weekend and a $92 million 38-day total. It should still crawl to $100 million domestic by the end, although Sony’s next biggie (The Woman King, which is very good) opens next week. Top Gun: Maverick earned $845,000 (-24%) on Friday for a likely $2.95 million (-51%) weekend and new $705.4 million domestic cume. The comparatively sharp drop is mostly due to coming off a holiday weekend, and in comparison to the boost it (and the rest of the holdovers) got on National Cinema Day. We’ll see if next weekend’s hold is back to business as usual for the Tom Cruise mega-smash.

Sony’s The Invitation earned $700,000 (-34%) on Friday for a likely $2.4 million (-51%) weekend and $18.6 million 17-day total. Considering the low profile and low ($10 million) budget for this kinda-sorta Dracula flick, well, I’m impressed that it’s still legging out. Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC League of Super Pets earned another $500,000 (-32%) on Friday for a likely $2.16 million (-57%) weekend and $84.8 million domestic cume. As still the only big kid-friendly family flick between now and (hopefully) Sony’s Lyle Lyle Crocodile in early October, well, it too is benefiting from a barren marketplace. Universal’s Beast debuted on PVOD yesterday and earned concurrently earned $460,000 (-40%) in theaters. We can expect a $1.68 million (-58%) weekend and $29.25 million domestic cume for the $36 million ‘Idris Elba versus a lion’ thriller.

Universal’s Minions: The Rise of Gru should pass $900 million worldwide sometime this weekend as it earns another $1.45 million (-59%) for a new $362 million domestic cume. Sony’s Where the Crawdads Sing will earn around $1.28 million (-38%) over the weekend for an $87.67 million domestic total. Spider-Man: No Way Home proved to be a one-weekend wonder. It plunged 76% on Friday, earning $540,000 for a likely $1.21 million (-78%) weekend. That’s a tough break for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, as now the MCU flick has only earned $813.26 million domestic. Shame. Hey, at least Jared Leto’s Morbius is currently the most-watched movie on Netflix, which means something… I think? Jokes aside, it means that Sony’s first window pay-television deal with Netflix is paying off for both sides of the arrangement.

Thor: Love and Thunder debuted on Disney+ on Thursday and will earn another $960,000 (-64%) for the weekend for a $342 million domestic cume. Nope will earn $800,000 (-54%) over the weekend for a $122 million domestic cume. At the beginning of the summer, I argued that Nope might domestically outgross Lightyear, Minions: The Rise of Gru and Top Gun: Maverick. One out of three ain’t bad! Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will drop 69% this weekend for a $750,000 gross and $36.6 million cume. Jaws dropped 83% on Friday for a $150,000 gross. It will gross $530,000 (-80%) weekend for a shameful $271.6 million lifetime cume (just $1.2 billion adjusted for inflation). Steven Spielberg better hope that The Fabelmans kicks ass at tonight’s Toronto premiere. Elvis will cross $150 million domestic today, because sometimes we deserve nice things.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/10/friday-box-office-spider-man-and-jaws-crash-as-elvis-passes-150-million/