Shiba Inu alerts investors of fake addresses on CoinMarketCap

  • Recently Shiba Inu’s team warned the investors about three fake smart contract addresses mentioned on Coin Market Cap.
  • CMC refused that these are malicious addresses
  • There were no further tweets about the fake addresses, which continues their skepticism.

Recently, the team of the popular meme coin alerted its users and investors about the fake SHIB addresses mentioned on the website of Coin Market Cap, which according to the Shiba Team, are knowingly mentioned there. 

According to a Tweet from the official Twitter account of Shiba Inu, the three fake smart contract addresses which it mentioned include BEP20, Solana, and Terra, are invalid and are unsafe to use. Further, the team gave an alert to the users not to interact with and buy SHIB Tokens from these addresses as it might result in loss of funds. 

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Shiba Inu’s Team also conveyed through the tweet that the team of Coin Market Cap has refused to have a conversation regarding the updates on the Token’s page and that it has voluntarily allowed malicious actors to blemish the Token’s listing. Later it also tweeted that Shib Token is an ERC 20 Token only.


In response to these allegations, the Coin market cap accepted the fact that they have listed these addresses. Still, in order to clear the doubts about the addresses, it mentioned that these are not malicious addresses and that they are listed to facilitate cross-chain transactions.

The Coin market team offered the meme coin’s team to reach out through their official channels with a link to their support page. 

After this, there were no further tweets regarding the matter. The addresses are still listed on the SHIB Token’s page. But still, there is skepticism about these addresses as the Shiba team has already warned the investors regarding the addresses.