OTO Motors brings real-world car design into the Metaverse with its 3D NFT racing game

OTO Motors changes the Metaverse paradigm with its 3D NFT cars designed by real-world automobile creators, enhancing the tangible race-management experience in the digital sphere with fantasy features

Metaverse, December 2021-  OTO Motors, a new digital platform for racing and playing with 3D-car NFTs, introduces its OTOmobile NFTs designed like real cars. Applying physical car designs to its NFTs, OTO Motors offers a race-management experience for car enthusiasts and designers completely unrivaled in the digital space. 

As the physical world slowly begins to merge with the Metaverse, people are increasingly looking for ways to mesh the two, specifically in the car racing field. Aston Martin, one of the most recognized car brands in the world and a leader in automotive designs, recently released a collection of iconic NFT photographs. As the first Formula One team offering NFTs, Aston Martin’s Metaverse debut serves as a strong indication NFT racing is set to expand, and rapidly. For consumers to move their racing endeavors into the digital realm, the Metaverse will need physical-grade products to keep up.

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OTO Motors tackles this challenge by integrating real-world car designs into the Metaverse and upgrading the adventures of true racing enthusiasts. OTO offers a racing experience that consists of custom-designed NFTs, called OTOmobiles, with authentic car features developed in-house, similar to a real-world car manufacturer. Users enjoy an all-encompassing racing experience in the metaverse, with a fantasy-like racetrack and scenery. The cars are not bound by functional constraints that exist in the physical world, such as the need for headlights in the front of the car. Headlights and other functional exterior features become a design opportunity and can be placed wherever is deemed most aesthetic, enhancing the otherworldly feeling.https://www.youtube.com/embed/lDkdEwjIO3E?feature=oembed

Drivers adjust their OTOmobile’s features in preparation for automated races that will be live-streamed on the platform. Participants will earn play tokens, called OTOKENs, which are dropped daily, allowing every member the opportunity to enhance their car. Similar to tokens on a standard smartphone game, they have no cash value, but facilitate a user evolution in the platform and access to car upgrades. A limited number of OTOmobiles from the presale event are available on Opensea, each having three different body kits, used to upgrade the car and increase the value of the NFT. The next round of mintings will begin in mid-January.

“Our cars are meant to simulate real-world experiences in the Metaverse, but also enhance them in a reality unconstrained by physical-world limitations,” says Chief Design Officer Eyal Melnick. “We want people to connect with the story of the Metaverse where things happen and look different and just experience the designs.”

Source: https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/2021/12/30/oto-motors-brings-real-world-car-design-into-the-metaverse-with-its-3d-nft-racing-game/