New Age Marketing: ChatGPT and Its Possible Impact


ChatGPT has emerged as one of the fastest-growing open-source artificial intelligence platforms, crossing more than 100 million users in just a few months and causing a major technological disruption. As an AI language model, using a neural network to analyze data and give responses, ChatGPT has found use cases in every possible industry.

Would ChatGPT Replace Marketers?

Marketing is both a science and an art that requires expertise in critical thinking and creative pursuits. The million-dollar question is whether ChatGPT, an AI tool, would be better at marketing and raise the bar for humans, or whether it would become futile as a result of everyone using it and producing similar outputs.

The latter seems to be the most likely scenario. For a short period, it may seem that AI has an edge, but it will eventually fade away as dependence on AI becomes widespread, and it becomes easy to recognize and differentiate generic AI-created outputs from human outputs. With every new technological advancement, humans adapt to it, and it becomes the norm. Thus, AI will surely lead to major refinement and progress in the marketing industry as well. In the case of ChatGPT, it would be useful in creating a baseline or a template that can later be customized by a human to enhance it and give it a personal touch.

A few ways in which AI makes marketing more efficient are:

  • Curating email templates
  • Helping with social media posts
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Making frameworks
  • Drafting outlines

Although human intervention would still be necessary to make the content unique and appealing to end-users and invoke human emotions. As ChatGPT is a recent innovation, it still has many limitations as a language model that is continuously evolving.

When it comes to marketing, some of the major issues with ChatGPT as of now are:

  • A highly robotic and formal language that does not spark engagement due to a lack of creativity
  • No customization based on brand voice and brand image
  • Surface-level research that does not dive deep to get valuable insights
  • Generic and undifferentiated content for every user with no visible distinctions
  • Non-SEO-friendly outputs that might harm search result rankings


ChatGPT is indeed an impressive innovation that is constantly evolving and might change the way things work to a certain point, beyond which human expertise and creativity would distinguish the quality of output. The best course of action for marketers is to take leverage and adapt to the technology and use it to their advantage in creating automation and increasing efficiency.