KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu introduced the ‘Anti-FUD Fund.’ –

  • Johnny Lyu has introduced an “Anti-FUD Fund.”
  • The “Anti- FUD Fund” will help in benefiting the audience
  • FUDers fools and misguides the investors

Johnny Lyu, the CEO of KuCoin, has announced that it is introducing an “Anti-FUD Fund.” It is introduced to take any step and benefit “FUDers” by awaring the crypto clients so that they can differentiate between the information and falsity.’

The CEO has announced introducing an “Anti-FUD Fund” through Twitter, stating that FUD fools and misguides the investors, which eventually discredits the image of the industry and market.

Objectives of Anti- FUD Fund

The anti-FUD Fund is designed in a way that will help in lessening the events in the crypto industry. The overall design consists of three objectives.

The first objective is that the Fund will help in the online and offline anti-FUD education. The CEO explained how the company would help society by using more than twenty languages to attain its target, eventually completing its goal.

The second objective is that the Fund will help motivate great leaders and spokespeople to inform the audience with more trustworthy information about the industry so that it can prevent misleading.

Last but not least, the last objective will focus on tracing FUDers. According to the CEO, FUDers can spoil the industry’s image by damaging the industry’s projects. 

Johnny Lyu recently claimed that creating FUD is not a better option. Instead, this one can build the crypto industry.

“I am pretty sure these steps will barely eliminate all the FUD in the crypto industry, but we have to take the step as every step counts. Don’t FUD, BUIDL”.

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KuCoin and the rumors

The cryptocurrency exchange platform got surrounded by many rumors in the recent past. But, the platform exposed the rumors by @otteroooo, a crypto Twitter community member.

@otteroooo claimed that the company had an outstanding financial exposure to Wrapped LUNA classic (wLUNC). After the matter came to light, the CEO of KuCoin provided strong evidence against the claim, which showed no financial exposure.

A Terra community member, @FatManTerra, also questioned @otterooo’s source of information and verification. After the expose, @otteroooo vanished from the social media platform Twitter. 


The initiative of introducing the Anti-FUD Fund will help the industry in many ways. The objectives of the Fund are very clear and will help in society’s development.

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