K-Pop Artists Occupy 10% Of The Album Sales Chart

The Billboard 200 is often regarded as the most important albums chart published every week by Billboard, as it ranks the most-consumed titles in the U.S. The roster takes into account purchases and equivalent units, which are comprised of individual sales of tunes featured on a specific title as well as streams. For those looking to find out which studio efforts actually sold the most copies, the Top Album Sales chart is the right list. 

This week, the Top Album Sales chart is ruled once again by Adele’s 30, and while there aren’t many new arrivals, some of the biggest artists coming out of South Korea once again prove their popularity and their impressive ability to sell their EPs and full-lengths like few left in the global music industry. In fact, 10% of all the spaces on the ranking this time around are filled by K-pop acts.

Eight different groups from South Korea appear on the latest edition of the Top Album Sales chart, with just one act claiming more than a single space.

Two K-pop vocal bands hold on inside the top 10, though both slip slightly from where they ranked last time around. NCT’s Universe dips to No. 6, while a sub-unit of that large group, NCT 127, slides to No. 9 with Sticker

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After earning another stay inside the top 10 on last week’s Top Album Sales chart, Twice vacates the loftiest space. This frame, the beloved girl group sees their Formula Of Love: O+T=<3 album decline from No. 10 to No. 19.

BTS occupies three spaces on the Top Album Sales chart, with a trio of their best-performing sellers finding space on the 100-rung tally yet again. Up first from the septet is Map of the Soul: 7, returns to the top 40 after landing outside the upper half of the ranking last week. Their prior set Map of the Soul: Persona appears at No. 58, while the short project Be is down at No. 87.

In between BTS’s highest two placements on the Top Album Sales chart come two titles by K-pop bands that sit back-to-back. Seventeen sits at No. 43 with Attacca, and they are followed closely by Monsta X with The Dreaming at No. 44.

Further down on the ranking come both The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by Tomorrow X Together (No. 85) and Dimension : Dilemma by Enhypen (No. 98), with the latter title returning to the Top Album Sales chart after not being present for a short while.

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These are the 10 K-pop titles that appear on this week’s Top Album Sales chart.

No. 6 – NCT – Universe

No. 9 – NCT 127 – Sticker

No. 19 – Twice – Formula Of Love: O+T=<3

No. 28 – BTS – Map of the Soul: 7

No. 43 – Seventeen – Attacca

No. 44 – Monsta X – The Dreaming

No. 58 – BTS – Map of the Soul: Persona

No. 85 – Tomorrow X Together – The Chaos Chapter: Freeze

No. 87 – BTS – Be

No. 98 – Enhypen – Dimension : Dilemma

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