JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon pushes for swift action against Bitcoins

He says that regulated banking systems are increasingly becoming insignificant

  • Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the US, has stressed the need to tackle issues, particularly in the crypto sector.
  • He states that in light of recent developments in the FinTech sector, banks have begun to play an increasingly insignificant role in the economy.

American billionaire and JPMorgan Chase‘s CEO, Jamie Dimon, has taken a rather distrusting stand on the crypto issues. In a letter to other shareholders of the company, he states that banks need to regain their once-coveted stature in the financial ecosystem.

Futuristic mentality necessary

In his letter, Jamie has outlined all the great accomplishments of the firm and roughly drawing up plans. However, as trends such as cryptocurrencies hog the limelight with each passing day, he laments that the role played by traditional banks has reduced considerably in the financial ecosystem. He opined that it was very important for payments to flow via a well-regulated banking system. They may be subject to greater oversight and issues, especially Bitcoins, which had to be “dealt with” immediately. His letter also resonates with his pals’ mindset in the World Economic Forum, where there is an increasing caucus to push the reset button on the world’s economy.

Healthy competition essential

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Dimon aggressively supported the need for competition among banks in the US. He said that it would push the banks to perform better and enable a level playing field in the sector. However, he says that cryptos would endanger that delicate balance in the industry today. Issues outlined in his letter include the growth of a shadow economy, the legal void surrounding cryptocurrencies, threats posed by cybersecurity and AI, and private market disclosures. He added that this reflects the past mindset, and it was necessary to think about the future.

Dimon has made his displeasure of Bitcoins quite well known, even calling it a fraud a few years ago. However, despite all the commotion, JPMorgan Chase still has taken an interest in virtual currencies, effectively allowing its investors to allocate 1% of their portfolios towards investment in cryptos. 

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