Delphi Digital introduced ways for gamers to accept NFTs 

  • The introduction of NFTs will not affect the gaming experience
  • Gamers may unlock many features through NFTs
  • Spending money in games is directly proportional to the Interest in game

Delphi Digital, a crypto research company has sketched out the most possible way to use technology as an additional feature which will not impact the fundamental experience and through which gamers may accept NFTs (non- fungible tokens).

On Wednesday,  Delphi Digital published a  report in which it stated that the firm has explored the ways of including NFTs into games without affecting the basic and fundamental gaming experience or “true competitive play” that the gamers favours to give importance.

If legalisation and NFT segments can be included into the games very accurately then, gamers may not stubbornly oppose the idea, the firm further added in the report.

The company has also found a way which will help in taking the advantage of NFTs for unforced experiences such as rewards, purchasing tickets for the tournament, new character skins and much more without disturbing the main experience of gaming.

What does the report say?

According to Delphi Digital,  the proposal will allow those gamers who are using for revenue generation in the way to achieve success, while those gamers who only focus on gaming and use it for entertainment purposes, can fully enjoy the gaming experience without compulsorily buying the NFTs or any wrestle to grab the top position in the gaming market.

The report says  “no one is fooled for playing the other’s game.” and when people will care about the game the probability of spending money is high. The main gaming experience needs to become more important for making doubtful gamers think about investing in NFTs in the game.

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Designers intentionally restricts the usage

“According to the theory, spending money in a game is directly proportional to the interest in the game. The more people care about the game, the more they will spend into it. When we will increase the competition, there is a high probability of making money through it”

The report also commented on the hate of crypto games as compared to traditional gaming. Delphi Digital pointed out that the bitterness for crypto emerges from the negative suggestions that “monetization” has had on traditional gaming for years. It is said that the designers intentionally restrict many features to influence the users to spend more money to unlock it.