CorionX: Making Fast and Cheap Transactions a Reality

Transaction speed and costs in the blockchain world are the be-all and end-all of versatility for users. If the transaction speed is lacking, transaction quantity bottlenecks. If transaction cost is too high, users are likely to look elsewhere. This is where CorionX comes in.

CorionX: making transactions smoother

Using their partners’ bridges, CorionX optimizes transactional speed while reducing the associated costs per transaction. CorionX users can use the CorionX infrastructure without fear of excess costs or long transaction wait times. The Syscoin bridge provides such options for CorionX.

As a decentralized interoperability structure, the Syscoin bridge helps support the CorionX token (CORX), their ERC-20 token alongside other DeFi tokens and Stablecoins. Using this structure enables CorionX to optimize transaction speed and bring holistic versatility for all tokens.

By merging cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins in this manner, CORX and all other Ethereum-based tokens can move with more fluidity. The smoother the transaction is, the quicker the movement becomes, and the cheaper the cost is. As transaction speed generally separates the robust from the sluggish, CorionX can provide a robust platform with long-term survivability.

Improving transactions on the Ethereum blockchain

The open-source Ethereum blockchain platform is the second-largest crypto platform available, allowing smooth transactions via ERC-20 tokens. Using this untapped resource without limitation, CorionX – with the Syscoin bridge’s help – ensures transaction movement optimization. 

Working alongside the ETH/ERC20 developer team, CorionX provides consistent, fast, cheap, and secure transfers. With their CORX utility token, the expanse between Stablecoins and cryptocurrencies can finally be crossed.

Boasting a total token supply of 400,000,000 CORX, CorionX will also optimize mobile payment transactions. Providing the next-gen of mobile payments, they will ensure transaction speed and low cost for Stablecoins and ERC20 tokens for mobile-users.

In a current climate where transaction speeds vary drastically, and transactional costs are on the rise; CorionX can provide an effective and efficient alternative.