7’ Ends 2020 With The Largest Sales Sum In South Korean History

No matter what organization’s data one looks at or how the numbers are displayed, one thing is clear: BTS had the biggest album of 2020 in South Korea, and they made history with what must now be called the biggest release of all time in the Asian country.

According to year-end data published by the Gaon charts, which tracks music shipments in South Korea, BTS’s 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7 ended the year as the biggest title by an enormous margin. The set shifted an incredible and almost difficult to believe 4,376,975 copies in less than 12 months.

That number doesn’t just make Map of the Soul: 7 the biggest album of 2020 in South Korea, but the largest and most successful title of all time in many respects.

Looking back throughout the years, it is clear that Map of the Soul: 7 stands out as the album with the biggest end-of-year figure by hundreds of thousands of copies. In fact, BTS’s immensely popular set is now the first effort in South Korean history to wrap a year with four million units shifted.

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Before 2020 concluded, the record for the largest end-of-year sum for one album was held by another BTS release, which isn’t surprising at all. In 2019, the septet’s full-length Map of the Soul: Persona was named the title with the most shipments, and Gaon revealed it had moved 3,718,230 copies throughout that year.

That performance also beat the previous record, which was also owned by BTS. In 2018, their album Love Yourself: Answer shifted 2,197,808 copies, and at the time, it became the first release to pass two million units in a single year. 

Looking at how BTS’s shipments grow every year is impressive, and it’s truly a wonder that they are not able to secure the No. 1 spot on every one of these annual lists, but they do so with greater and greater numbers. At the rate they’re gaining ground and improving upon their own best showings, it’s entirely possible that BTS may become the first act to see an album reach five million units shipped by the time 2021 is through. Just a year or two ago, such a prediction would have sounded preposterous, but nothing seems out of reach for the septet at this point.

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2021/01/13/btss-map-of-the-soul-7-ends-2020-with-the-largest-sales-sum-in-south-korean-history/