Crypto Casino, Playing Anonymously, it is Safe?

Cryptocurrency is ruling the world. The growing market made the digital currency go world wide. There are certain anonymous casinos where you play with cryptocurrency by pseudonymous. 

Recently online casinos have become more popular due to cryptocurrency. This digital currency wallet gives more power to play anonymously and a high level of privacy. By using digital money no need to disclose an identity.

Hey! Players.

Play safer, secure and anonymous with using cryptocurrencies. The online private casino of your choice is a few clicks away.

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How to Play Casino Anonymously?

A player can gamble, place bets and use cryptocurrency without disclosing personal information. This is an anonymous casino for you. The privacy involved is a treat for all players across the big blue marble.

As you know everything comes with baggage. Thus, anonymous casinos also have pros as well as cons. Let us understand in detail by knowing few popular anonymous casinos online.

Anonymous Cryptocurrencies for Gambling

The transaction of cryptocurrency uses coins. Cryptocurrency is not monitored or regulated by any financial institutes or there is no go between banks. The transaction information is between two parties and secured by encrypted keys using cryptography. 

Here is an overview of a few coins accepted to play anonymous casinos online.


Whenever you hear about cryptocurrency, the next word will be about Bitcoin. It is so popular in the crypto world. The transaction takes place using Bitcoin wallet. Only you have control over the wallet and you can have a bitcoin wallet with a pseudonym. 

In anonymous bitcoins casinos, the anonymous name is used to receive coins. The incognito identity is referred to in bitcoin casinos.


Monero offers secure and complete untraceable digital transactions. This altcoin is different from  other cryptocurrency have its own wallet, named Monero wallet for transactions. By default the data is stored in the cloud. making the transaction and related information like sender or receivers personal data untraceable by mixing up.


Zcash’s working mechanism is the same as Bitcoin. Zcash Casinos are the online casinos that accept Zcash payment. A relatively recent invention that is gaining much traction among the gamblers. Now, if you want to go incognito in terms of your payments in online casinos, Zcash is your invisibility cloak. The data transferred is between two individuals and follows cryptography protocol called zero-knowledge proofs. The platform uses mathematical probability to verify sensitive information without disclosing data in it.


The newbie to the crypto world, launched in 2019. Grin is still in a highly experimental stage. The Mimblewimble is new technology that uses new techniques to store and remove transactional data.


This has scriptless script technology. Beam transactions are made of new technologies like time locked and other transactional mechanisms with hiding the values. This uses Mimblewimble and does not store data in blockchain. All transactions are maintained with high privacy. 

Is it Safe or legit?

One click in google gives you an entire list of websites to play casino games. With an unknown name hiding your data and information is safe to gamble. For new users it is relatively risky to use cryptocurrency to gamble in online casinos.

The reduced risk and hiding the identity does not provide complete shield from hackers. The users still have to do proper research to manage the risks. Check the licensing and regulations, opt reputed anonymous casinos.


Anonymous casinos have various levels of privacy depending on the casinos. The users should have proper knowledge to opt the best suited anonymous casinos in these. The incognito comes with many benefits and reduces e stress but it contains the risk. You can play the casino online with a hiding identity but you should take care of the risk involved.