Best Crypto to Invest In? Low Cap New Crypto ICOs To Watch

Best Crypto to Invest In? Low Cap New Crypto ICOs To Watch

Cryptocurrencies are available at a variety of costs, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars for one Bitcoin to cheap cryptocurrencies and meme coins for less than a dollar. 

As such, finding the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy can be an appealing idea for people looking to diversify their financial investment portfolio and make huge returns without making a major investment. 

However, the main problem is finding viable opportunities, as new coins circulate daily. In this guide, we have picked out and evaluated the best cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in with high potential in 2024.

Best Low Cap Cheap Cryptos to Buy

New cryptocurrencies are created every second of the day, making it challenging for even seasoned investors to select one from such a large variety. Below, we list and review the top 7 best cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in with a 100x potential.

  1. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) – New Multichain Meme Coin

  2. Sealana (SEAL) – Upcoming Seal-Themed Meme Coin

  3. WienerAI (WAI) – Universe’s Most Powerful AI Trading Bot

  4. PlayDoge (PLAY) – Popular Mobile-based P2E Companion Game

  5. Mega Dice (DICE) – Solana-based GambleFi Token

  6. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Innovative Learn To Earn Cryptocurrency 

  7. eTukTuk (TUK) –  AI-Integrated P2E project

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) – New Multichain Meme Coin

Base Dawgz is a new meme coin that is gaining attention among investors thanks to its humorous lore that combines base jumping with Shiba Inu and other doge-based characters. Illustrating its chain-hopping capabilities is its interesting mascot which showcases how these characters were strapped with base jumping gear, soaring through the skies after jumping off a plane. 

With its multichain posture, the meme coin is compatible with networks like Base, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Solana. This interoperability feature is made possible through the help of Wormhole and Portal Bridge technologies, exposing the token to a wider audience.

Contributing to its market appeal is its competition-based airdrop model and staking mechanism. Rather than distributing free tokens to random investors, Base Dawgz is embracing a strategy that rewards community’s social engagement. To be eligible for its upcoming airdrop, investors are expected to accumulate enough points by posting on the project’s Twitter account. 

According to Jacob Bury, a popular YouTuber with over 12k subscribers, the combination of Base Dawgz’s multichain concept, staking model and its intense social media marketing strategies will give the token an explosive start as soon as it lands on crypto exchanges.

Priced for as low as $0.00479, Base Dawgz is one of the cheapest cryptos with multiple potential upsides. So far, the meme coin has gathered close to $800k in its ongoing presale event. 

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Sealana (SEAL) – Upcoming Seal-Themed Meme Coin

Sealana comes next on our list of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy right now. Built on Solana, one of the fastest-growing blockchains on the planet, Sealana is represented by a lazy and chubby seal inspired by the popular South Park character World of Warcraft Guy. 

Sealana aspires to follow in the footsteps of other Solana-based meme coins that have witnessed massive price rallies in the past few months and possibly become the next significant market player. Despite taking a no-utility approach, Sealana appeals to both low and high-risk investors with its humorous lore. 

After raising over $3 million, Sealana’s ongoing presale will come to a close in the next two weeks. Therefore, those interested in becoming an early part of a project that’s billed to make an impact can join the presale before the token is listed and gain widespread awareness and adoption. 

The hype surrounding $SEAL is obvious, with respectable crypto YouTube channels like 99Bitcoins predicting that it will be the “next degen obsession.” According to some analysts, there is growing excitement about this meme coin, as it has the potential to increase to 100x its present value, making it one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

Investors can buy SEAL in two ways. The first one is by using the project’s presale widget which supports bank cards and major cryptos like ETH, USDT, SOL, and USDC. It is also possible to buy the token by sending SOL to a wallet address on the site. 

For every SOL sent, investors will receive 7069 SEAL. Those using the widget will be able to buy for as low as $0.022. At the end of the presale, the project is expected to airdrop SEAL tokens to the rightful owners. 

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WienerAI (WAI) – Part Dog, Part Sausage And Part AI Trading Bot

WienerAI is not just a bot, nor a simple sausage, but an AI crypto trading partner that is designed to give every trader the advantage that they have been searching for. WienerAI is the world’s most advanced consumer artificial intelligence trading bot. 

It is the most powerful cybernetic being in the cosmos and the first Sausage/Dog/Artificial Intelligence to be developed. Practically, WienerAI has an AI-enhanced trading interface that is instant, predictive, and noob-friendly. 

Traders can enjoy seamless sausage swaps and transactions with WienerAI. Crucially, WienerAI also charges zero fees, which means that all WienerAI users will be able to maximize their gains.

This new dog meme coin uses predictive technology to rapidly evaluate the market and present users with clear, unbiased insights into prospective investment possibilities. WienerAI is not only A meme coin–it’s investors’ ticket to better trading and the native token of the first AI-powered trading bot of its kind.

Given its AI-powered trading bot utility, top crypto analysts like CryptoZeus expect WienerAI to make a lasting impact in the coming years.

That being said, WienerAI’s presale is still live and currently raised a total of $5.4 million indicating an increase in investors interest. One $WAI is currently trading for $0.000717 and can be purchased in exchange for ETH, USDT, and BNB. 

It can also be bought directly through a credit or debit bank card. This is by far one of the best cheap cryptos to invest in and also has the potential to go as high as 100 times its current value.

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PlayDoge (PLAY) – Popular Mobile-based P2E Companion Game

PlayDoge is one of the most talked-about meme coins right now. Since making a stunning entry into the market, PlayDoge has been luring savvy investors to its presale through its combination of doge and P2E aesthetics. 

PlayDoge kicked off its presale barely two weeks ago and has already gathered more than $3.5 million, underscoring the growing buzz around the token. What sets PlayDoge apart from other meme coins is its emphasis on offering real utility with its mobile-based companion game. 

Reminiscing the 90s gaming era, the PlayDoge virtual world is set in a 2D 8-bit style where players can earn free tokens for training, feeding, and interacting with their Tamagotchi-inspired virtual pet. With this innovative attribute, PlayDoge is aiming to replicate the success of Floki Inu, a gaming meme coin that has gone up by more than 1162% in the last 12 months.

Considering the wave of the bullish trend greeting the P2E crypto gaming niche, famous YouTuber TodayTrader tips PlayDoge to outperform the performances of leading doge-based tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

In the coming months, PlayDoge will launch its highly-anticipated mobile app so that players can look after their pets even while on the go. Investors who join its ongoing presale have the opportunity to stake their tokens so as to further earn more rewards. 

At press time, PLAY is presently up for grabs at a cheap price of $0.00505 making it a good investment opportunity for those seeking promising tokens at low cost. 

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Mega Dice (DICE) – Solana-based GambleFi Token

DICE is a brand new GambleFi token that’s currently available on presale for a fraction of a cent. Despite being a fresh launch, the Solana-based crypto has gained heavy market traction due to the established reputation of Mega Dice. 

Renowned as one of the fastest-growing Telegram-based online casinos, Mega Dice excels when it comes to providing intriguing gambling opportunities. It caters to various tastes and preferences with its vast selection of high-RTP games, spanning slots, table games, jackpots, and live dealer options. 

As such, it is no fluke that it has enjoyed the loyalty of many gamblers across the globe. At press time, Mega Dice has more than 50,000 users and an average monthly sales of $50 million, cementing its status as one of the biggest gambling platforms in the world. 

By launching DICE, Mega Dice wants active community members to benefit from the success of its ecosystem. While serving as a medium through which players can wager on games on the site, the token will also be used to provide exclusive rewards and perks.

Recognizing its potential, Michael Wrubel, a crypto analyst with a solid track record says DICE can leverage the excitement around Mega Dice to become the OG of the GambleFi world.

While still at presale, the token has been tipped to become the next cryptocurrency to get listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. So far, the GambleFi token has recorded massive sales, netting over $1.5 million from early movers. To become one of the investors that will savor early bird gains when DICE makes its IEO debut, participate in the presale now. 

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99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Innovative Learn to Earn Cryptocurrency 

99Bitcoins is a crypto-learning platform that was established in 2010, and since then it has gained huge popularity in the crypto industry. The platform has over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, trading courses of about 79 hours, and more than 2 million registered email subscribers. 

The 99Bitcoins platform recently launched the 99Bitcoins token which is currently in its presale phase. The $99BTC is a new learn-to-earn token that is designed to reward users for learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other crypto-related topics. The classic 99Bitcoins platform is integrating with BRC-20 to pioneer the learn-to-earn model on the Bitcoin blockchain.

As a $99BTC token holder, you get to enjoy some exclusive benefits. For instance, $99BTC token holders will be able to enjoy access to exclusive trading courses and unlock additional modules, quizzes, and tutorials that will make the whole learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

What’s more, with the 99Bitcoins token, participants will be able to join a thriving community and gain access to expert crypto trading signals that will give them an edge in fast-moving markets. They will also be able to learn from like-minded individuals, share insights, and develop their crypto knowledge.

Notably, as they progress through the extensive learning curriculum and participate in the 99Bitcoins community, they will earn $99BTC directly to their wallet. This is perfect for traders who want to gain more knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry and earn while doing so. 

Also, those who don’t have time to learn about cryptocurrencies can simply stake their $99BTC tokens to earn passive rewards. Renowned YouTube analyst, Crypto Gains is optimistic about the potential of the token to increase in value by up to 100 times in the coming months.

Currently, one $99BTC is trading for $0.00108 and can be purchased in exchange for ETH, USDT, and BNB or directly with credit or debit card. 

You can also subscribe to 99Bitcoins’ YouTube channel or follow its page on X. 

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eTukTuk (TUK) – AI-Integrated P2E Project 

With a lofty ambition to become a major player in the bustling P2E economy, eTukTuk recently launched its mobile game, Crazy Tuk Tuk Taxi on App Store and Play Store. The mobile-based game provides the opportunity for players to complete simple driving and parking tasks and earn free tokens. 

For driving around the streets of Sri Lanka, picking and dropping off customers, players will receive $TUK tokens for free. Beyond its gaming aspect, eTukTuk also focuses on building an AI-powered, sustainable transport solution that will revolutionize transportation in developing nations and, ultimately, worldwide. 

eTukTuk is utilizing blockchain technology to construct the charging infrastructure of the future. The eTukTuk team is harnessing blockchain technology to develop a cost-effective charging station and electric vehicle network, promoting sustainable transportation. The organization optimizes driving routes, minimizes traffic, uses less gasoline, etc., with the help of the $TUK token.

1/ Discover the secrets to a longer-lasting EV battery🔋⬇️- Charge to 80%: Optimise your battery life by charging up to 80% for daily use.- Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your #electricvehicle happy by avoiding extreme temperatures – hot or cold.

— eTukTuk (@eTukTukio) June 3, 2024

Moreover, eTukTuk is creating solar-powered charging stations as part of a larger plan to lower CO2 emissions. These stations provide charging choices for electric vehicles other than eTukTuk. And its native token, $TUK, is an integral part of this ecosystem. 

The payment method for these charging stations will be $TUK. In addition, after the stations are finished, stakeholders will have the opportunity to “Power Stake,” which would let them keep a percentage of the fees collected. There are also investment opportunities where users can buy and stake $TUK tokens to receive rewards. 

At press time, the eTukTuk presale is still live and has already gathered substantial funding from early movers. Investors may make the most of this chance by purchasing this coin, which, according to some experts, is one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to acquire.

One $TUK is currently trading for $0.033 and can be purchased in exchange for BNB, USDT, ETH, and also directly through your credit and debit bank cards. Once the presale ends and the public launch happens, investors will be able to claim their $TUK tokens. 

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Why Should Investors Buy Cheap Cryptos?

Cheap cryptocurrencies typically trade at a low market value, frequently a fraction of a dollar or within the $1 range, as opposed to expensive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana. Although there are risks in investing in these cheap cryptos, there are also several reasons why crypto traders and investors should consider buying cheap cryptocurrencies, and here are some of them:

High Potential For Growth

The main reason to look for cheap cryptos to buy and invest in is the potential for high returns. A small investment in any of the best cheap cryptocurrencies can potentially lead to significant returns if the cryptocurrency gains traction. Also, cheap cryptocurrencies have a lower market capitalization which makes them more susceptible to price swings. The best example is obviously Bitcoin, which, at some point, was a very cheap crypto coin. 

Affordable Investments

Another benefit of buying cheap cryptocurrencies is that they enable budget-conscious investors to secure a large number of tokens. The process is very similar to buying penny stocks, which enables investors to buy large quantities of shares and make profits from minor price movements. 

For instance, while Bitcoin trades at tens of thousands of dollars, some of the cheapest coins to buy right now are valued at a fraction of a cent, making them attractive to casual investors. This is because investors can put in a small amount of money and still get a large number of tokens.

Increased Liquidity

Another reason to pursue cheap cryptocurrencies is their increased liquidity due to listing on several exchanges. Unlike a few years ago, nowadays, cheap cryptocurrencies often have enough liquidity so investors can quickly buy and sell cheap cryptocurrencies at any time, allowing for faster trading decisions. 

Early Adoption Advantage

Buying cheap cryptocurrencies gives investors an early adoption advantage, as investing in cheap cryptocurrencies allows them to get in early on potentially successful projects. This can usually be done by investing in crypto projects’ presales. 

Investors also get to enjoy every advantage and benefit that comes with investing early in these cheap cryptocurrencies. Being an early adopter can lead to potential significant returns on investment as well as the sense that comes with being part of something so groundbreaking and innovative.


Another reason to buy cheap cryptocurrencies is that they offer an effective means of portfolio diversification. Investors can diversify their portfolio by spreading their wings and investing in different cheap cryptocurrencies, which is essential for managing risk and maximizing returns. 

The vast majority of these tokens represent start-up projects, and as such, investors can diversify their portfolios with large tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as cheap cryptocurrencies that might provide huge returns in the future. 

Key Things To Check When Buying Cheap Cryptocurrencies

Despite the attractiveness of cheap cryptocurrencies as an investment option, there’s also high risk, especially due to the shady tactics many crypto projects use to attract new investors. 

Therefore, there are some key things to check when buying cheap cryptocurrencies to ensure investors make a worthy investment choice. Here are some key things to consider;

User Adoption

One of the things to consider when buying a cheap cryptocurrency is its user adoption. When looking for a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in, it is important to look for cryptocurrencies with growing user adoption or widespread acceptance. Investors can determine this based on the number of active wallets, transaction volumes, and collaborations with other respected firms.

Market Capitalization

When buying cheap cryptocurrencies, understanding their market capitalization (market cap) is also vital. This represents the overall dollar market value of a crypto’s circulating supply. 

Market capitalization is computed by multiplying the total supply of coins by the current price of one unit. According to experts, higher market caps indicate stability and lower risk. However, lower-cap coins may offer promising growth prospects.

Community Engagement

Another factor to consider when purchasing cheap cryptocurrencies is their community engagement. Regardless of price, potentially successful cryptocurrencies will be backed by vibrant communities. A vibrant community is important for a cryptocurrency’s success so it is advisable to check social media platforms like Reddit, X, and Telegram for active discussions and activities related to a cryptocurrency or project. 

Cheap cryptocurrencies with a better online presence and an active community will most likely make a better investment.

The Project’s Roadmap

Lastly, when choosing a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in, it is advisable to check the project’s roadmap. This basically shows investors the company’s timeline for new releases, updates, features, and developments. By checking the project’s roadmap, investors can evaluate when the price might spike or fall.

Final Words

In sum, the crypto market has consistently shown potential to be the world’s most sought-after financial asset class. Millions of people across the globe are investing in cheap cryptocurrencies to join the rollercoaster ride of these volatile coins, but selecting the best cheap cryptos to buy at low prices is quite a challenge.

Keep in mind that investing in cheap cryptocurrencies has its highs and lows. For those interested, this guide provides a comprehensive list of some of the cheapest cryptocurrencies in the market, including promising projects such as Base Dawgz and Sealana. 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.