TON blockchain to utilize Polygon’s Technology to release new Layer-2 network

TON blockchain to utilize Polygon’s Technology to release new Layer-2 network

The TON blockchain announced a new project dubbed the TON Applications Chain (TAC). The announcement was made at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday. The project is set to make use of two of Polygon’s technologies, the Chain Development Kit (CDK) and the AggLayer.

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In an announcement made on Tuesday, The Open Network (TON) announced that the company will be working on a new project. TON announced that its new layer-2 network will be developed using Polygon’s technology. In particular, the project will use Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) and the AggLayer. The team stated that the project would be designed to enable Ethereum developers to develop new programs for Telegram’s users. 

The announcement confirmed that the project would simultaneously allow EVM-based decentralized applications to function in the TON ecosystem. TON affirmed that the project will trailblaze and create new avenues for the development of decentralized applications on TON’s network. The project is expected to spur development in gaming and the provision of decentralized identity solutions. 

TON expounds further on new project

TON has worked its way into the crypto sphere by developing a network that taps into Telegram’s user market. The blockchain network has experienced much success and growth since its launch in 2020. Leveraging Telegram’s millions of users, the network has grown steadily over the past few years. This new project builds on the previous success and aims to continue the network’s development to promote the growth of decentralized applications. 

The team announced that Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) would be used to develop the network. The CDK is a customizable toolkit that allows developers to use Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology to develop layer-2 blockchains. The project will also use Polygon’s interoperability layer, the AggLayer, to solve blockchain fragmentation.

Pavel Altukhov, the founder of TAC, mentioned that the features of these Polygon technologies were part of the decision to choose the platform. He also mentioned that the blockchain platform had a vibrant community lined up with what they intended for the TAC project. 

The team believes that leveraging Polygon’s technologies will enhance scalability and efficiency for TON users. The integration is expected to bring down transaction costs and improve throughput. These features align well with TON’s goal of providing its users with robust and scalable blockchain solutions. 

TON follows industry trends

The announcement of the TAC project follows similar moves in the crypto industry. In the past year, other major crypto companies have started developing their own layer-2 $networks. Crypto exchange Coinbase was among the first to announce a layer-2 network project. The exchange launched its Base blockchain, making use of Optimism’s OP Stack. 

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Other major crypto companies replicating the trend include Worldcoin and Celo. Both these companies have announced plans to launch layer-2 roll-ups with OP Stack. Crypto exchange OKX is also in on the action, having used Polygon’s CDK to develop its layer-2 network, X Layer, which was launched in April.

Cryptopolitan reporting by Collins J. Okoth