The Blockchain Industry Needs People Like Jelle Pol

Jelle Pol is the Co-founder and Business Director of Dusk Network, a technology for securities trading. The 30 year old was recently featured in the leading financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, the Dutch Financial Times. The young co-founder is also a commissioner for the SME stock exchange NPEX, following Dusk Network’s share acquisition of the Dutch stock exchange in December 2020.

There are currently no regulations that specifically prohibit the use or trading of cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands, and the country has emerged as a leader in the space. A number of Dutch ventures and pioneering individuals are benefiting the blockchain ecosystem in the Netherlands. 

Individuals such as Jelle Pol have used their knowledge of blockchain technology to aid the adoption and proliferation of blockchain technology. As the co-founder and Business Director of Dusk Network, Pol was previously the founder of the blockchain team for Shell’s Technical Innovation department. After this, he ventured out to build his own blockchain company, with the idea of bringing more privacy to the transfer of information over public blockchain networks. Dusk Network was born with this idea at its core, focusing on the specific niche of the backend of securities trading.

As the Het Financieele Dagblad notes in its profile of Pol:

“There are not many people in the Netherlands who understand exactly what blockchain technology is all about. And only a few of those few people succeed in explaining to the rest of the Netherlands what you can do with blockchain technology”

Peter Slagter of, a knowledge platform about crypto currency was quoted in the feature piece, remarking:

“[Jelle] understands crypto and blockchain, he can explain it clearly and he can network. All this is necessary because in the world of blockchain everything is new; Jelle sells a product for which there is no frame of reference yet.”

Since the inception of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the industry has come a long way. Nonetheless, there remains huge potential for growth in the incipient blockchain space. This is why the importance of pioneers in the space cannot be underestimated; as Pol notes, crypto is ‘earning mega amounts, but the knowledge is still limited’.

Despite the Netherlands’ fairly liberal stance on cryptocurrency and associated technologies, a lack of clarity makes it difficult to navigate the murky waters of regulation. As is the case in most other countries, until regulators put the appropriate infrastructure in place, it is difficult to truly innovate the financial sector. Nonetheless, as Peter Slagter of is quoted as saying: 

‘Jelle did not start Dusk to get rich quick. His motive is to help explore the unexplored area between technology and the financial sector”, something the highly successful individual is certainly doing.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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