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The team of Tatum, a blockchain app development platform, today informed of its recent success in assisting social betting blockchain platform Fandona to complete their minimum viable product (MVP).

Fandona is a social betting blockchain platform and network for transparently rewarding charitable donations. It allows users to donate a portion of their betting stake in exchange for donation cashback.

In this way, users experience a positive deed for a specified proportion of their initial bet even if they don’t win; and charities receive a steady flow of incoming donations.


  • Donation betting allows bettors to donate part of their betting stake to charities in return for donation cashback.
  • The higher/lower the donation, the higher/lower the donation cashback, the lower/higher the betting payout.
  • Donation cashback is distributed across donors (bettors) proportionally to their donations.

Blockchain-Powered MVP in Two Months

Late last year, Fandona reached out to Tatum to help develop and connect their project to a blockchain. They had a novel and promising idea but needed someone to put their thoughts into practice, fast.

The Fandona team needed a way to implement a distributed peer-to-peer odds creation system; which would traditionally require a team of developers with blockchain experience. This approach would be very expensive, take long, and potentially introduce many bugs and hurdles into the whole project.

However, Tatum allows developers to integrate blockchain technology into their applications with no blockchain expertise. Thanks to this partnership, Fandona was able to build a blockchain-ready MVP within two months and are now further along in developing their unique system.



The Tatum enabled Fandona to complete their MVP quickly and cost-effectively. The approach also allowed Fandona to prepare a scalable solution for future adoption.

  • Built within 20 days.
  • 90% cost savings.
  • Delivered on time.

“Tatum has helped build Fandona on secure and reliable technology and has allowed for simple blockchain integration — exactly what we need. They ensured the application was built precisely according to schedule — you don’t see that very often. Tatum is ideal if you need something fast, secure, and reliable.”
– Juraj Antal, CEO Fandona

Fandona is now awaiting funding to launch into markets that will facilitate further growth. In the future, they plan to expand their product to include Fandona Pay, a payment system that allows users to donate to charity and receive cashback proportional to the amount of their donation.

Source: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2021/02/24/tatum-helps-betting-app-fandona-complete-blockchain-mvp/