ShardLab Unveils Revolutionary Web App for Decentralized Identity and Voucher Distribution

ShardLab, the innovation arm of Hashed, the world’s premier Web3 venture funding company, today announced the debut of its web application, which is driven by account abstraction (AA) and zero-knowledge (zk) technology. This app offers a revolutionary method for using decentralized identity (DiD) and smoothly distributing vouchers.

This new app expands the usage of blockchain technology into daily life, building on the success of the Southeast Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW) 2024, when ShardLab demonstrated the possibility of NFTs for practical uses. Using NFT vouchers, participants could personally experience the ease of blockchain-powered transactions at ICONSIAM, showcasing the effectiveness and security these technologies offer to real-world retail settings.

The seamless integration of the NFT vouchers with the point-of-sale (POS) systems at more than 60 restaurants and retail establishments at ICONSIAM greatly improved the customer experience.

By simply scanning a QR code, attendees may instantly redeem their vouchers, deducting the value of the voucher from their bill. This deployment showed blockchain technology’s usefulness and effectiveness in a real-world retail setting.

Watch the full video here

The official SEABW application’s features include:

  • Digital Identity Verification: By using zero-knowledge proofs, or “ZKP,” the application improves security and privacy by enabling users to confirm their identities without disclosing personal information.
  • Web3 Digital Voucher Payment: This streamlines the transaction process by allowing users to maintain and utilize easily managed QR code vouchers that are generated in NFT at participating venues.

Additionally, the app uses account abstraction, or “AA,” which makes it user-friendly and available to a wide audience. Users can engage with blockchain apps just as easily as they do with conventional digital wallets thanks to account abstraction, which streamlines the crypto wallet experience.

Hojin Kim, CEO of ShardLab stated:

“The launch of this application marks a significant milestone in our journey towards mainstream blockchain adoption. By integrating cutting-edge technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and account abstraction, we are paving the way for a future where blockchain is not only secure but also straightforward and convenient for everyday users.”

In order to close the gap between blockchain technology and practical applications, ShardLab is at the forefront of innovation development. This new app is evidence of how blockchain technology has the power to transform industries by improving user experience, security, and efficiency.