Lithium Finance designated data oracle provider for blockchain research firm Blitz Labs » CryptoNinjas

Lithium Finance,  a collective-intelligence pricing oracle to offer timely pricing on private, illiquid assets, has announced a partnership with Blitz Labs, a blockchain advisory firm that works under Ellipti Ventures, a research-based fund investing in early-stage blockchain projects.

This partnership will open doors for Blitz Labs to leverage the crowd’s wisdom and receive first-hand data for research purposes and setting up the data-informed Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.

As a Wisdom Seeker, Blitz Labs will ask questions and get insight from Wisdom Nodes, which consist of a list of institutions and individuals specialized in blockchain technology and many other areas.

Blitz Labs and other Wisdom Seekers will receive first-hand information with accuracy from these Wisdom Nodes. With all this data from Lithium, Wisdom Seekers like Blitz Labs will further refine their research findings.

“As a scholar myself, I totally realize the importance of having precise and first-hand data when it comes to research and study. With the help of the DMI mechanism, data and information can be delivered to researchers like Blitz Labs through the interactions between Wisdom Nodes and Wisdom Seekers.”
– David Lighton, Co-Founder of Lithium Finance

The Lithium — Blitz Labs partnership showcases how diverse the Lithium data oracle ecosystem could be. Additionally, the usage of Lithium is not only limited to financial purposes but also able to adapt to a broad range of potential environments, such as academic and research.

“Need for diverse and yet unorganized types of data is rising from different industries recently, especially early markets like the blockchain market. To navigate properly in this ever-changing market, getting different types of data fast and right from a reliable source is important.”
– John Kwak, CEO at Blitz Labs