Fantom to provide blockchain-based IT solutions in Uzbekistan

  • Fantom will test blockchain-based solutions to modernize Uzbekistan’s IT infrastructure 
  • Fantom Foundation has plans to build on its experience with other Central and South Asian governments
  • Fantom has collaborated with Pakistan and Afghanistan to solve their issues with decentralized technology

Fantom’s presence in Central and South Asia has expanded into Uzbekistan, with its partner focused on upgrading the country’s information technology infrastructure. The Fantom Foundation has announced a joint venture with AG Mentors Group, which is led by former Uzbekistan Assistant Premier Elyar Ganiev. Elyar Ganiev is the founder of AG Mentors and former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Economic Affairs, Investments, and Trade in the Government of Uzbekistan. And he will provide Fantom with extensive knowledge of Uzbekistan’s markets as well as a proven track record of working with international institutions and businesses.

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Fantom collaborated with AG Mentors

The latest collaboration of Fantom and AG Mentors Group is timed to coincide with Uzbekistan’s ongoing digital transformation initiative. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan issued a widely praised decree late last year outlining a comprehensive plan to integrate digital technologies into government services and the economy. The introduction of a digital ID card, as well as significant investments in IT services and education, are all part of The Digital Uzbekistan Strategy. 

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By 2030, this ambitious plan aims to eliminate the digital divide and radically modernize Uzbekistan’s public services.

Moreover, Fantom will seek to support Uzbekistan’s digital transformation with tailored solutions for supply chain, ERP/MIS, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and more, based on its experience running successful e-government pilot programs throughout Central and South Asia.

AG Mentors Founder and Uzbekistan Minister of Foreign Economic Affairs, Investments, and Trade Elyar Ganiev cordially invited Fantom Foundation to visit Uzbekistan. The government’s top priorities for further reforming Uzbekistan are the introduction of digital technologies, the creation of e-government, and the provision of digital public services. Uzbekistan is a country with a lot of economic potential, which means that there are a lot of opportunities for active cooperation between the two countries.

Barek Sekandari, COO of Fantom Foundation, said that he is excited to work with Mr. Ganiev and AG Mentors on behalf of the Fantom team, as their advocacy of a green, digital economy aligns with core Fantom values.

Additionally, AG Mentors is a dynamic group, and Sekandari hopes to work together to advance the Uzbekistan Government’s initiative to expand digital public services across the country. Fantom is designed to be an open and accessible platform, and it would be especially satisfying if we could use it to connect populations with administrative offices and services to which they currently do not have access.

Fantom’s collaboration with Tajikistan Government

Fantom is currently working with Tajikistan’s government on a public-private partnership. The firm’s operations in Tajikistan are also focused on the IT sector, with a goal of accelerating the country’s modernization.

The partnership aims to investigate, develop, and implement blockchain-based data sharing, transparency, and automation solutions. At first  a research and development center to train local developers in the development of blockchain-based systems will be established in the region. 

Meanwhile, Fantom will review the ministry’s existing data flows and documentation and propose solutions to streamline legacy processes and potentially increase productivity. Furthermore, Fantom will also investigate the value of a central bank’s digital currency issuance for the country’s payment system.

Fantom’s collaboration with the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Fantom has collaboration projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan in addition to its partnership with the Tajik government. In Pakistan, Fantom is working with the Punjab Prisons Department to develop blockchain-based solutions, and in Afghanistan, the blockchain project is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to use decentralized technology to combat the spread of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

The pilot is the result of a partnership between blockchain startup Fantom and the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan, as well as pharmaceutical firms like Bliss GVS, Royal Star, and Nabros Pharma. Notably, Fantom will also develop a blockchain-based hospital medical record management system for the Ministry of Health.