Edia Corporation Partners with Oasys Blockchain to Bring Retro Games to Web3

Publicly traded company Edia Corporation (TYO:3935, Tokyo stock market) has announced a partnership with Oasys Blockchain. Edia, which holds the intellectual property (IP) for 139 retro games like Gaiares, a horizontal-scrolling shooter originally released in 1990, will collaborate with Oasys to recreate these classic games as blockchain games.

Oasys to Exclusively Distribute 139 Retro Games, Attract New Web3 Users

As the only platform to distribute all the 139 games, Oasys is focused on bringing in a new user base into Web3 gaming. It is a part of the company’s overall strategy to advance Web3 integration and engagement. The cooperation will help to attract mainstream gamers to Web3 by leveraging the existing recognizable retro game IP and create new blockchain games.

Edia will also be involved in public relations and marketing together with its retro gaming IPs and block chain technology. These parameters will contribute to raising awareness of the potential of interaction between classic characters and titles with Web3 technology.

The partnership will ensure that many retro games, and famous characters that emerged in the 1980’s and 1990’s come to the attention of the new generation of gamers. Leveraging Edia’s most famous games like Gaiares, Oasys will be able to go through Edia’s catalogue to search for iconic games to rebuild for Web3. These games will retain the actuality of their gaming entertainment and gameplay, and enhance the gaming experience to attract Web3 gamers.

Oasys Directors Discuss Blockchain Gaming Future at IVS Crypto 2024

In IVS Crypto 2024 in Kyoto, it is one of the largest cryptocurrency events held in Japan Oasys, Director in Tech Ryo Manzoku and Representative Director Ryo Matsubara joined a panel discussion. They spoke about Web3 demand, the decline in the Japanese economy, yen depreciation, and more. They also pointed out how the Oasys platform aids the development of games besides promoting wide adoption. Furthermore, they explained that the future of blockchain gaming is bright especially in the Asian market.

Lastly, this collaboration is set to introduce a new user base to Web3 gaming, leveraging Oasys’s secure and scalable infrastructure. Furthermore, this partnership will drive innovation and broaden the appeal of blockchain gaming to a new generation of gamers.

Source: https://blockchainreporter.net/edia-corporation-partners-with-oasys-blockchain-to-bring-retro-games-to-web3/