Credits Blockchain launches two mobile apps to expand its global presence has announced the launch of two mobile applications for its Credits Blockchain.

The applications namely the CS Crypto Wallet and the Credits Neobank have been launched for both iOS and Android users at once. According to the company’s announcement, is working to increase the global presence of the CS cryptocurrency starting from European markets.

Credits Neobank

The mobile applications are designed to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies including purchasing, trading, and spending cryptocurrencies. The applications are intended to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrencies.

Credits Blockchain launches two mobile apps to expand its global presence 1

Credits Neobank is a mobile payment wallet that enables users to make purchases and transfers using cryptocurrencies and fiat assets. Neobank allows people to use crypto and fiat in one app for competitive fees.

Neobank requires a KYC procedure that includes personal information along with Photo ID verification.

CS Crypto Wallet

CS Crypto Wallet enables users to make direct transactions on the Credits Blockchain. The wallet supports CS coins and other tokens issued on Credits Blockchain. The wallet is fully decentralized and all funds are under the direct ownership of the user. The wallet does not store user private keys.

CS Crypto Wallet does not require a KYC procedure and users can trade in complete anonymity. The wallet allows users to make transfers using QR codes and provides safe storage of digital assets on the Credits Blockchain.

Credits Blockchain

Credits is an open-sourced blockchain network that operates on a unique proof-of-agreement (PoA) protocol. The network is a highly scalable platform for Java-based smart contracts and allows for high-speed transactions.