aggregating swap pools and CEXs into one decentralized platform

Orion launches AMM solution, Orion Pool: aggregating swap pools and CEXs into one decentralized platform




Orion’s automated market maker (AMM) solution, Orion Pool, is scheduled for launch on June 22. This will make Orion Terminal the only trading portal supporting decentralized access to both swap pools and centralized exchanges (CEXs), thereby giving traders a unified platform for trading, staking, adding or removing liquidity, and governance voting directly from their wallets.

Users of Orion Pool will enjoy profitability as Orion will route swap orders to a liquidity source offering the best possible price. With this comes the ability to split orders to several exchanges and liquidity providers in order to get the best price.

Additionally, traders will benefit as there are significant opportunities for arbitrage offered across both centralized and decentralized liquidity sources. To advance this further, Orion Protocol has created an arbitrage bot known as SDK which allows easy configuration of Uniswap arbitrage bots for Orion Pool.

Orion Poll will first go live with four ORN pools namely ORN/ETH, ORN/USDT, ORN/BUSD and ORN/BNB. Orion plans to make the pool extensive by allowing any third party projects to self-list their tokens on Orion Pool paired with ORN, ETH, USDT, BUSD or BNB.

Self-listing comes with a number of advantages including enabling visibility and access of assets to the global market, and more compound order types compared to leading swaps (inclusive of limit orders). It will also facilitate cross-exchange against more than 1,000 trading pairs through complex swap, and provide unique arbitrage opportunities in addition to access to Orion’s partners and co-marketing chances.




Already, a considerable number of third parties, including multimillion/billion-dollar valuation projects, are lined up for self-listing on Orion AMM Pool. Assets and pairs are due to increase exponentially as their liquidity is added to the Terminal.

Orion Pool is ETH and BSC compatible and more chains will be integrated in future like Cardano, Polkadot, Fantom among others together with their native assets.

The Pool’s fees (0.3%) will be divided between the two staking options: liquidity providers and governance stakers in the ratio of 2:1. LPs will gain mining reward while governance stakers get to vote on the pools to acquire higher rewards.

In a deeper dive into decentralization and liquidity provision for the Terminal, Orion has plans underway to integrate with leading swap pools such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap and SushiSwap.

The Orion Protocol is a layer 2 solution devised to provide a decentralization gateway to the market’s main liquidity source: CEXs liquidity like Binance and KuCoin among others. It seeks to solve fragmentation in the crypto and NFT markets from assets in conventional finance by aggregating them into one user interface – Orion Terminal.

Orion continues to create solutions for challenges experienced in blockchains, crypto projects and exchanges, giving rise to over 18 revenue streams. The protocol was also built with great consideration for users. This means that every transaction increases Orion’s Daily Protocol Volume, which in turn brings in great rewards for stakers.