Why Crypto Market Is Falling Today, Did Bitcoin Price Fall Prey To FUD?

Things didn’t go as expected for the star crypto, Bitcoin, as it saw a dip post a series of healthy runs on the charts. The BTC price is $46566 at press time. The asset came to a 24 hour low of $43,285.21, from its 24 hour high of $52,853.76.

According to bybit,  nearly $3.54 billion liquidations took place which is expected to be the biggest long liquidation in recent times. However, the longs continue to liquidate and hence the BTC price has plunged 12% more.

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Most of the liquidations reportedly took place on ByBit, the largest single liquidation order was at Huobi, and it had a face value of over $43 million. Moreover, the rounds of manipulations and pre-planned actions are surrounding the crypto space. 


Also, the dump is speculated to be the outcome of the ‘buy the rumour, sell the news. Lark Davis, a popular analyst, raised this possibility ahead of the El-Salvador’s big day. However, despite the bearish trend, the BTC price could be back on track in the upcoming weeks. Because

  • The BTC price is still above the previous month’s low at $37,326.83
  • Previous month broke $41,382 which was the consolidation high that took place from May Until August 2021
  • Price rejected 0.618 FIB perfectly measured from swing low to high considering previous month low and current month high
  • The trend of correcting the downtrend line and a retest was broken which is a healthy signal

Amid the much negative surroundings, yet many utilized the dip opportunity in accumulating more as El-Salvador did. And moreover, despite the bloodbath in the crypto space, yet the BTC price is expected to hit $100K soon. 

Source: https://coinpedia.org/bitcoin/why-crypto-market-is-falling-today-did-bitcoin-price-fall-prey-to-fu/