Salvadoran Ambassador to the U.S.: Bitcoin Challenges Your Authority

  • Mayorga claims that other countries will follow their leadership on bitcoin
  • In September, El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender
  •  Honduras and Guatemala, both are studying central bank digital currencies

By endorsing bitcoin as legitimate and declaring plans to assemble a Bitcoin City.

El Salvador is out in front of every other person in pushing the standard reception of bitcoin, and that is by all accounts a danger to different nations, including the United States, as indicated by Milena Mayorga, El Salvador’s diplomat to the U.S. 

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They are apprehensive and concerned because many nations are taking a gander at us, and they will follow our initiative, Mayorga said in a meeting with CoinDesk TV’s First Mover on Wednesday. 

In September, El Salvador embraced bitcoin as legitimate delicate, sending shock waves through the worldwide money-related foundation. 

That, and other progressively eager intends to put bitcoin at the focal point of its economy, are bets that America’s worldwide impact is winding down. 

IMF urges El Salvador to strengthen the regulation & supervision

She knows the worries here in D.C. are tied in with losing the dollar force and they can get that, yet El Salvador needs to continue on because it needs to be on an alternate level, Mayorga said. 

El Salvador embraced the U.S. dollar as lawful delicate in 2001 after the disappointment of its local cash, the colón. 

Worries about El Salvador’s financial investigation are broad. 

On Tuesday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) asked El Salvador to fortify the guideline and oversight of bitcoin use in the nation, noting the critical dangers accompanying the cryptographic money. 

El Salvador will be firmly watched in 2022. Other than its as of late reported Bitcoin City, a low-charge, legitimate region pitched as a world-renowned hub for affluent bitcoin financial backers, the Central American nation intends to raise $1 billion by means of a bitcoin bond, a tokenized monetary instrument in association with Bitcoin framework organization Blockstream. 


No other country has adopted crypto as a legal tender

Although no other nation still can’t seem to follow El Salvador in putting bitcoin on an equivalent balance as the U.S. dollar, many are starting to contemplate advanced monetary standards. 

Adjoining Honduras and Guatemala, for example, are both concentrating on national bank advanced monetary forms. Until this point, the Biden organization has been mum regarding what’s going on south of the U.S. line. 

They must have the discussion, yet they are a free nation, so the U.S. has to acknowledge their development and comprehend that they need to take themselves to an alternate level and a definitional framework, Mayorga said.


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