Coinbase enables Bitcoin payment for US passport service

  • A picture expeditor, Peninsula Visa partners with Coinbase Commerce to enable payment with Bitcoin. 
  • The company becomes the first to enable such a payment service for US passports. 

It’s no longer news that digital currencies are holding ground as a viable means of payment in the globe today. In recent months, Cryptopolitan reported about several merchants and companies that announced support for cryptocurrency payment. Today, Coinbase is enabling the public an option to make Bitcoin payments for the United States passport services via a partnership. This is reportedly the first time people are allowed to pay for such services using Bitcoin (BTC).

Peninsula Visa now support Bitcoin payment

The Bitcoin payment is supported by Peninsula Visa following its Coinbase Commerce, the digital currency payment arm of Coinbase exchange. Peninsula Visa is a passport expediting company based in Silicon Valley. Per the announcement, the Bitcoin payments will also be secured by the Coinbase processor. Evan James, the COO of Peninsula Visa, commented that the company is the first to support such payment options for US passport services in the nation. 

“Never before has anyone been able to pay for a US passport using a digital currency,” James said. Meanwhile, Bitcoin payments are currently supported for four passport services, with many slated to be rolled out by next year. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have been gaining more adoption in the Travel industry.

Bitcoin adoption in the Travel industry

Last year, a United Kingdom (UK) online travel agency rolled out cryptocurrency payment support in partnership with Utrust. As Cryptopolitan reported, the development allowed its millions of customers an easy option for paying flight tickets using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In a separate development, a Bulgarian-based company planned to pay stranded travel with Bitcoin for canceled or delayed flights.

Outside the Travel industry is online food delivery, Just Eat, which also rolled out Bitcoin payment for its services.