Bitcoin whale moves $156M as price breaches $11k level

A Bitcoin whale moved more than 15,000 BTC from one of the richest wallet addresses on the blockchain.

Last night a Bitcoin address moved 15,022 BTC to three separate wallets. The sum worth $156,599,226 at the time only cost a transaction fee of 91 cents.

Bitcoin whale on the move

Out of the 15,022 BTC, 14,442 BTC ($160,246,410.12) was sent to a single wallet address. The address is not known to be connected with any exchange, or custody provider. However, the address might still belong to one such entity.

Prior to the transaction, the Bitcoin whale was the 45th richest Bitcoin address in existence, as per BitInfoCharts data.

Bitfinex hack moves BTC.

As Cryptopolitan previously reported, attackers behind the 2016 Bitfinex hack moved 2,550 Bitcoin to an unknown wallet. The sum worth over $27 million at the time marks another major move by the Bitfinex hack this year.

Previously, the hackers moved around $5M worth of BTC in June and around $256K in May 2020. The attackers stole 120,000 BTC in the Bitfinex breach, a sum that was worth $72 million at the time. However, it is currently worth more than $1,3 billion. It is unclear how much BTC the attackers have remaining.

BTC price surpasses $11,000

The bitcoin price, that was stagnated in the $9000 region has started a bullish rally raising its price from $9,700 to above $11,100 in a matter of days. Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have also enjoyed bullish rallies during these days, which caused their prices to see significant increases.

Ethereum price rose above the $300 mark, while XRP and Bitcoin Cash crossed $0.02 and $200 price levels.