Bitcoin Crash Sees Fear Dominate Markets, Celestia (TIA) Price Fall From Grace, Investors Load up on Rollblock as it Set to Surge Next 48 Hours

After a few weeks of testing the $60,000 support level, the $BTC price broke down reaching a recent low of $54,400. Some relief followed shortly as bulls stepped in, but $58,000 acted as a new resistance level and Bitcoins price dropped back into the $55,000 range. This bearish turn of events further tanked the already shaky market sentiment, and consequently, many major altcoins experienced severe declines.

Celestia is one of the altcoins that saw a steep price correction, while Rollblock is showing surprising resilience amidst the massive sell-offs, steadily gaining popularity in the crypto casino sphere thanks to its innovative DeFi platform.

Bitcoin Breaks Down After Months Of Resistance

It’s no secret that Bitcoin’s price action dictates the pace of the general crypto market. This is why, after this recent dip, Bitcoin investors have been on edge, as further Bitcoin declines could lead to further market crashes. 

After the explosive rally that started in late 2023 and saw Bitcoin finally reach a new all-time high of $73,130, experts convened that a correction was to be expected as more investors began taking profits at the top. In the last month alone Bitcoin’s price has crashed by 17%, and experts fear it could drop below $50,000. 

Celestia Caught In The Crossfire

Celestia was expected to become one of the market’s leading altcoins in 2024. Celestia’s performance since the end of 2023 up to February of this year has been nothing short of phenomenal, rising from $2.31 to $20.17 in a matter of a few months. This created huge momentum behind the project, with some investors stating that Celestia could replicate Solana’s success. 

However, Celestia suffered during the recent bearish downtrend, losing more than 76% of its value. After reaching a bottom of $4.89 Celestia quickly reclaimed $6.20, but it’s still uncertain if this level will hold. Nonetheless, investors are optimistic about Celestia’s future and many are predicting a new ATH before the end of the year.

Rollblock Attracts Investors With Exceptional Fundamentals And Price Resilience

Rollblock presents itself as the solution to the problems that have been troubling the online casino industry for years: issues of transparency, broken trust, and security. Rollblock’s solution? Leveraging blockchain technology, rendering all transaction records immune to tampering and putting user trust at the forefront of their priorities.

Coupling this with an innovative casino that merges TradFi and DeFi Gaming, experts believe that Rollblock has the perfect growth formula that could see the price of $RBLK skyrocket by 100X when the bull market starts ramping up again. The platform itself is home to over 150 game modes from more than ten major providers. It will also introduce sports betting in upcoming months, further appealing to the broader betting community. 

To sustain its ecosystem and token growth, Rollblock has set up a framework that comprises regular burns of the total token supply and distribution of rewards to holders who stake the RBLK. Each week, Rollblock will use up to 30% of the platform’s profits to buy up RBLK supply from the open market. Half of this amount will be burned, creating a constant stream of deflationary events that will increase the value of each token. The remaining half will be redistributed to holders as staking rewards, offering some of the highest APY in the space.

The RBLK token presale is already live and selling out fast. Tokens have already increased in value by 54%, and RBLK is currently selling at just $0.0154. Having attracted thousands of investors to its presale, experts believe that Rollblock could soar by over 720%. Furthermore, experts predict that tokens will see an additional 100x rally once listed on major exchanges. With massive potential, many altcoin investors are diversifying their portfolios with what could become one of the best new altcoins of 2024. However, with Rollblock’s presale gaining huge global attention, investors need to act fast to capitalize on $RBLK at this extremely low price. 

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